Gay couples rejoice. Scratch that—humanity rejoice.

So, beginning yesterday, gay couples could wed in New York.

I am disgusted.

I am grossed out.

I am horrified.

I am disgusted and grossed out and horrified by how long this took; by how long this is taking; by how the vast majority of other states refuse to consider this a possibility. Two Republican presidential candidates—the awful Rick Santorum and the beyond awful Michele Bachman—still want an amendment to the Constitution defining marriage between a man and a woman. Literally, they want to amend the pages of the U.S. Constitution to deny equal rights. Friggin’ staggering.

This is a fascinating issue, in that in no longer seems to split political parties. I know an enormous number of Republicans who now believe in and support not merely civil unions, but full gay marriage. Some believe it to be righteous because they crave less government involvement in the lives of people. I’m fine with that. Most, however, just want gays to be allowed to marry. Because they think it’s stupid not to offer people such a right.

I just started reading the New York Times’ coverage from yesterday’s gay marriage bonanza. I think it’s important reading for all—but I think it’s essential reading for those who oppose gay marriage. Look at the faces. Read to biographies. I don’t care what the Bible does or doesn’t say in this case—this is clearly righteous and decent and, most of all, human. These aren’t sinners. These aren’t pedophiles. These are people. Doctors. Lawyers. Electricians. CPAs. Writers. Truck drivers. They are our friends and sons and daughters and brothers and sisters. You may think you don’t know anyone who’s gay—well, bad news. It’s a near certainty that you do. Maybe that person hasn’t come out. Maybe that person hasn’t come out to you.

But, trust me, you know someone.

You do.

PS: Great gallery here.