So this weekend we went glamping. Not camping—glamping.

Glamping is glamorous camping. I’d never heard of this term before we arrived at the Connecticut campsite. En route, I envisioned woods, trees, maybe a river, a fire pit, lots and lots of dirt. I’ve camped, oh, 10 times in my life, and generally speaking—on a scale of 1 to 10—I’m a 5. I dig the outdoors, I hate communal outdoor showers, I love open fires, I hate smelling like open fires. So … a 5.

Hence, as we approached I was thinking, “Make the best of it … make the best of it.”

Then we pulled up—and glamping began.

In glamping, there’s little struggle. We were surrounded by plots with motorhomes. Big, huge, enormous, gigantic motorhomes with Shamu-sized generators and two-, three- bathrooms per unit. People cooked out if they wanted to … but they didn’t have to. Their units had stoves. Ovens. Microwaves.

We, on the other hand, had a tent. I slept on the ground, back killing. We roasted on an open fire, cooked hotdogs and chicken and vegetables and the like. Really, we tried combining the positives of glamping (running water tap, nearby store and beach, paved circular bike trail) with the traditions of camping (smelling like a fire, s’mores, etc).

In the end—not bad.

But I smell like a fire.

6 thoughts on “Glamping”

  1. Went camping once. The site was attacked by raccoons in the dead of night, we fled to a Best Western with a hot tub. THATS Glamping.

  2. I recently went on a cross country road trip and did some camping. I felt disdainful of people who had cozier tents/digs than I did. I thought I was the only authentic camper at the site until I was hit by the waves of hypocrisy/guilt as I remembered that for nearly my entire life I’ve lived in comfort in New York. It was precisely at that moment I realized how much I’d kill for a refrigerator/internet connection/bathroom. It’s amazing how transformative guilt is.

  3. “I hate communal outdoor showers”
    Communal SHOWERS!
    Unless those showers were in the form of a waterfall you haven’t been camping.
    If there are showers, water faucets, and fire-pits you are glam camping.
    Motor homes are home camping; taking the home with you.
    Not criticizing any, I like them all.
    Camping is getting away from it all, a totally different experience.

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