The pro-life party …

… applauds a man and a state that kills 200-plus. Crazy. Just crazy.

I understand supporting the death penalty. I don’t, and never have—but I do understand the reason some think it’s righteous. What I don’t understand, and will never understand, is applauding death. Oh, maybe Hitler’s death or Bin Laden’s death. But here, people were simply applauding … death.

Honestly, I could never, ever, ever, ever vote GOP in a presidential election. And this sums it up. If nothing else, I want a person who possesses empathy and decency and compassion.

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  1. Again, you need to stop generalizing all candidates’ beliefs under one political party because not everyone on that stage would applaud this.

    The political party generalizing and cheerleading in this country is probably the #1 political problem. Slam Perry for this (he deserves it; he’s disgusting) but don’t presume that every person in that room, and every candidate running on the GOP ticket, supports him here.

    1. Doug, could a person who supports a raped woman being forced to give birth to the rapist’s child possess empathy, decency and compassion?

  2. Both left and right posses those traits, however, what they value dictates where they choose to express them.

    Jeff, you’re an ass for denying basic human traits to people whose political stance you disagree with. Demonizing the opposition is part of the fall of civilized discourse, and you’re adding to it.

  3. Yep, terrible people we are for supporting mercy for the innocent and justice for the guilty.

    There are many things I disagree with but can see the other side. I can never understand how people who so freely support the slaughter of the innocent stand so firmly to protect the most vile.

    1. I’m sorry, John, but that;s very limited. There have been documented cases—documented. cases.—of innocents being killed via the death penalty. I understand the idea of supporting a 100% perfect, fool-proof system. But that doesn’t exist. Period.

      As for abortion, I simply don’t believe that, within three months, a person exists. I just don’t.

      And as soon as you start adopting the, oh, millions, of unwanted children fluttering through foster care, maybe I’ll change my stance …

  4. I’d say kill the rapist, save the baby, but I only have the empathy, decency and compassion of a republican. I never considered the possibility the rapist may have had a tough life of the chance that baby would be unwanted by its adopted parents.

  5. I only have the empathy, decency, and compassion of a Democrat, so I support the rights of women to choose and oppose the state’s desire to kill.

  6. I don’t believe it’s black and white. I believe there are some exceptions to every rule. But in 90 percent of cases, I’m pro choice: I believe that a woman has the right to choose who she has sex with, and has the right to live with the result of that action.

  7. I don’t believe being “pro-life” allows for any exceptions, be it capital punishment, abortion, even war. You can justify virtually anything.

  8. From Glen Greenwald

    This happened at a GOP debate, involving the current GOP front-runner, and progressives are thus rushing forth to condemn it (condemnations with which I largely agree). The Philadelphia Daily News’ Will Bunch called it “utterly sickening” and “a pathetic new low in American politics.” Bunch added: “What you heard echoing in the Reagan Library last night was not reason. It was bloodlust, pure and simple, and it was repulsive.” That’s because “the cheering of executions is the hallmark of a sick society — one that’s incapable of tackling its real demons and looking for vengeance on whomever happens to be available.”

    I agree with all of that, and that’s why this morning’s orgy of progressive condemnation made me think of very similar death-celebrations that erupted at the news that the U.S. military had pumped bullets into Osama bin Laden’s skull and then dumped his corpse into the ocean. Those of us back then who expressed serious reservations about the boisterous public chanting and celebratory cheering of executions were accused by Good Democrats of all manner of deficiencies.

    Hope Every one reads this. You should be reading Greenwald every day.

    1. Sanford, you probably don;t recall, but at the time i wrote a blog post agreeing 100% with your take—that the cheering of a man’s death was odd and off.

  9. Bin-Laden was responsible for the deaths of over 3,000 INNOCENT Americans and spread fear to 300 MILLION Americans and the rest of the civilized world. The boisterous public chanting and celebratory cheering of HIS execution was more about a symbolic “victory” for America.
    After almost 10 years of war and 4 years of tough economic times,his execution was welcoming news and the country needed it.
    I agree that the applause at the moderator’s question of Perry’s execution record in Texas looked bad for the party.
    But, Salon’s article comparing that with Bin-Laden is Waaaaaay off base.

  10. God forbid anything happen to your family from people that possess the same traits Perry discusses in line for the death penalty.

    I have to think your view would be different, and you are using basically this as another one of those whiny ‘this is why I don’t vote GOP’, blah blah blah (as if anyone would believe you voting for Huntsman anyway.

    I’m a registered Republican who refuses to put myself in a box. I voted for Obama, am pro-choice with the understanding you can’t make excpetions for rape in a letigious world, was fine with Bin Laden eating lead, and could never vote for Rick Perry.

    That said, that video you posted is the best thing he said in the debate in my opinion.

    You probably should just end it at ‘I could never vote GOP’. As long as the candiate has an R you won’t accept him or her, and keep your blinders on.

    1. Kevin, nationally, that’s probably true. Voting Republican means voting not just for a person, but a party. And the GOP philosophy sickens me. As for Perry, there have been very well-documented examples (and one in particular, which you surely know of) of people being put to death in texas for crimes they DID NOT commit. This is nothing to brag or boast or crow about. It’s sickening.

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