The saddest of sights

Well, not the saddest. But I took these a few moments ago, in front of the Rye Brook, N.Y. Waldenbooks.

I actually went in and made the following purchases:

• $1—Sugar Ray Leonard’s autobiography.

• $4—four boxes of tissues.

• $1—big thing of staples.

• 80 cents—Lady Gaga fanzine for the daughter.

Waldenbooks had pretty much died long ago, but the chain held a place in my heart. As a kid, we used to hit up the Jefferson Valley Mall and spend many hours in the store. When my dad self-published his book in 1986, we’d go into Waldenbooks and, when no one was looking, move it from the business section to the best sellers.


3 thoughts on “The saddest of sights”

  1. Wait. Waldenbooks was still alive as of yesterday?

    For serious?

    Next thing you’re going to tell me is that I can get “Sweetness” at my local B.Dalton Bookseller.

  2. Went into the local Borders (Rochester, NY) yesterday to do this very same thing.

    Over the last decade, I’ve bought so many books/magazines there. Sad, really.

  3. It is sort of sad. But at the same time I’ll download Sweetness to my iPad the day it’s released (okay, I’m forgetful, sometime before Christmas) and I can shop for books in my underwear. Someting that used to get me kicked out of Borders.

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