Cameron Todd Willingham and Rick Perry

At some point, preferably soon, Rick Perry is going to have to be asked about Cameron Todd Willingham, the apparently innocent man who was put to death in the state of Texas.

Because Willingham was poor and powerless, I’m not sure what impact, if any, his saga will have. To me, however, it paints a very vivid picture of a governor who either didn’t want to be bothered with details, or who so believed in the death penalty that the little details (innocent? guilty?) didn’t much matter.

Either way, I strongly suggest you read these two pieces (here and here) on the Willingham case. They are, at the very least, disturbing.

Perry has a lot of questions to answer.

9 thoughts on “Cameron Todd Willingham and Rick Perry”

  1. Sportswriting Refugee

    Jeff, as much as it makes me ill to my stomach, people won’t care. People in America are pretty bloodthirsty, and they want to somebody – anybody – pay for a crime. Whether it’s the right person or not is just peripheral. He must have done SOMETHING. That will be the general sentiment.

  2. Gee, it seems the entire system failed, from defense council to investigators to review panels to…yeah Perry, as well.

    What I’m saying is, a lot more people than Perry have questions to answer.

  3. Wow…just read the entire New Yorker article. And last week, I happened to watch Thin Blue Line (the story of Randall Adams). When somebody is accused of a heinous crime in our country, it seems our system is hell-bent on prosecution, facts-be-damned.

    When the audience cheered on Wednesday in reference to Perry’s record on the death penalty, I got a chill. Who cheers death?? You can be pro-life, pro-choice, whatever. But nobody should ever, ever be pro-kill.

    What is happening to us?

  4. That man is a killer and deserved it. Look at his tattoo. Why would a so called “innocent” person mark their body with that? It’s a sin to mark your body. He is not poor. How did he afford that tattoo? He got what he deserved. You liberals want us to feed, house and clothe these people for the rest of their life. An eye for an eye….it’s in the bible!!!!

  5. Sportswriting Refugee

    I think Hing ‘Em High is just pushing buttons, but even so – I want to note that the whole “eye for an eye” thing doesn’t necessarily mean what law-and-order conservatives want it to mean. An alternate interpretation is that it actually means that you should not punish MORE than necessary, i.e. “an eye for an eye” is the punishment ceiling, not a mandate.

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