28 Shots

Just completed my 28th radio interview of the day—easily a new record.

I am tired.


Beaten down by the reptitiveness. This isn’t a fault of the hosts … some of the questions were very good. It’s just sorta arduous, talking about the same subject freom 7:20 am until 3 pm.

But I can’t complain. People are listening. And, apparently, reading.

I want to thank those who gave this book a chance; who ignored the hate and instant reaction and actually thought, “Hmm … perhaps I should read it before I rip the author.” And, once you have read it, feel free to slam. I’m OK with that. Beyond OK—honored that you even picked it up.

Have a great weekend …

PS: Wrote this for Deadspin yesterday.

PPS: This ran today. Amen.

6 thoughts on “28 Shots”

  1. Hey you signed off on having that excerpt published in Sports Illustrated. The backlash is of your own doing. You could of kept all this crap part you wrote about a great man just in the book, but YOU chose this salacious part to be published in Sports Illustated. I’m from Chicago, and I’ll say once again Payton did not deserve this. You did this as a publicity stunt!

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  3. You act like you are laying brick by talking and stirring up shit about your book. Then play the victim role (again) when the SI excerpt is in the magazine (as written in the Deadspin article that very few could comment on the pathetic whining about).

    The sad thing is I really enjoyed Payton as one of my favorite athletes, but between your anti religious and political views, you turned this potential consumer off to reading, let alone buying your book. I’m sure I’m in the minority, only because too many people employ the ‘sheep tactic’ by other posters defending you because they are a ‘aspiring journalist’, or blogger.

    Karma is a bitch Pearlman. Hopefully it only affects you and not the ones you love for your sake.

  4. There are a million hateful things written and spoken and sold and give away every single day. And you focus on a biography of a football player? That’s what bothers you in this world right now? That an author would write a book and tell the whole story, good and bad? That’s what you’re rallying against? What a sad life.

  5. I really enjoyed today’s excerpt, “I Ain’t No Danmed Monkey On A String”, posted on Deadspin. I never understood why Payton was awarded such public sympathy for not scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Ask Irving Fryar if he would trade New England’s only touchdown that day for a Super Bowl win. Ask the largely anonymous men who blocked for Payton’s 125 touchdowns if their careers lacked validity because most never actually carried the ball across the goal line. Payton was one of the all time greats that left the world far too soon, but I’ll never shed a tear because he didn’t play a more personal role in further humiliating the Patriots.

  6. This is going off what you said on Dameshek’s podcast.

    Yes, we definitely need a USFL biography. ESPN’s 30 for 30 barely scrapped the surface on the subject (it should have been at least another hour longer).

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