28 Shots

Just completed my 28th radio interview of the day—easily a new record.

I am tired.


Beaten down by the reptitiveness. This isn’t a fault of the hosts … some of the questions were very good. It’s just sorta arduous, talking about the same subject freom 7:20 am until 3 pm.

But I can’t complain. People are listening. And, apparently, reading.

I want to thank those who gave this book a chance; who ignored the hate and instant reaction and actually thought, “Hmm … perhaps I should read it before I rip the author.” And, once you have read it, feel free to slam. I’m OK with that. Beyond OK—honored that you even picked it up.

Have a great weekend …

PS: Wrote this for Deadspin yesterday.

PPS: This ran today. Amen.