I thought this was v-e-r-y fair …

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  1. Hey Jeff,
    Walter Payton is one of 4 sports icons who I have asked for an autograph in my entire life. I think your book is very good and an excellent read. For people to think that these icons are invinceable, they are being naive!!! Of my other 3 icons Muhammed Ali, Pele, and Michael Jordan, wait till the’re biographies come out. I have had the fortune of meeting many sports icons. People, they are like anybody else and in most cases have more issues. Relax, take the book for what it is a biography. It does not tarnish his awesomeness on the field.
    Don’t hold your breath, wait till Nicklaus and Gretzky biographies come out. We’ll leave Tiger alone he’s writing his own for us!!!

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