Proof writing a book isn’t all that impressive …

I see this, and wanna hurl.

Whether you like my books or hate them, you surely must admit that they take work, and effort, and a bit of skill and ability. Then this buffoon comes along, almost certainly doesn’t even read the book she’s “written”—and inevitably lands atop the best-seller’s lists.

But, Jeff, you sound jealous …

Hell yeah, I’m jealous. Actually, wrong word. Irked. Pissed. Slightly astonished. Even if the TV show is mildly entertaining and hugely popular, does that mean people want/need to purchase a book this chick hasn’t even written?

Jesus friggin’ Christ.

7 thoughts on “Proof writing a book isn’t all that impressive …”

  1. Whom I feel the worst for are the legions of talented, yet anonymous writers, surviving (as Dennis Miller once put it when Ozzy Osbourne signed a book deal) on ketchup and hot water, and waiting for their break. Used to be you had to be/do/create/think/destroy something important in order to be on TV. This lady (born in my country of birth, so this is particularly painful) has done none of those things, except destroy brain cells.

  2. Just picked up Sweetness in Barnes and Noble and thumbed through it. Great to have a look after reading about it on here for so long and listening to all the bull about it from haters. I would have bought it, but as I was picking up law school books with borrowed money I’m afraid I’ll have to hit the library for this one after the semester. But I was psyched to check out the book at least for a while and wanted to wish you a very well deserved congrats. All the best,


  3. Announced today she signed a deal for next book:

    NYT Bestselling author and Jersey Shore star Nicole Snooki Polizzi’s CONFESSIONS OF A GUIDETTE and GORILLA BEACH, continuing the adventures of A SHORE THING’s Gia and Bella, to Lauren McKenna at Gallery, by Scott Miller of Trident Media Group on behalf of Scott Talarico at Neon Entertainment (World English).

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