This is awesome.

Not being sarcastic. A person has to be able to take some joy in being described as a “resident shameless assclown.”

I won’t link the website, but it’s not hard to find. It’s easy to praise a book or rip a book or ignore a book. But, literally, typing “resident shameless assclown” takes something special.


2 thoughts on “This is awesome.”

  1. To Quote myself:
    “What I have noticed, Jeff, is a whiny, moaning, cry baby.

    Time to move on, get yourself a new project. All you are doing is hurting yourself, and the people around you. Nobody likes to be around a complainer.”

    No, you are not responding to a critic. You are moaning and crying.
    You are a decent person, that is why I read your blog. I also read your columns. This is you being a crybaby.
    Put it behind you. It doesn’t matter what you say, there will always be some idiot to criticize. You have to know that.

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