As I write this, my book is 920th in the Amazon rankings.

I’d like to pretend it’s no big deal. But, truth be told, it’s sort of a bummer. But not a real bummer. Because, when one writes a book that succeeds (and four weeks on the New York Times list is, in my mind, a success), it’ll also, inevitably, fail. Which doesn’t mean “failure,” so to speak, but merely, well, that life moves on. Your book is hot, then it’s less hot, and less hot, until, finally, it’s not hot at all. It’s merely a book, comfortably positioned alongside other books in the Barnes & Noble sports section. You hope to avoid the Dollar General $1 bin as long as humanly possible, but even that’s an inevitability. Books come, books go. They’re just, come day’s end, books.

That being said, I love Sweetness. Love it. Never worked harder on a project; never put more blood and sweat and time and effort into a project. So if you’re looking for something to read, and haven’t given it a go, please consider my book.

After all, 920 ain’t no joke.

Oh, one more thing. As sad as a fading book can be, it’s not nearly as sad as the author who refuses to let go. I’ve known many a writer who doesn’t seem to recognize the time to approach a new project; or take a long nap; or go swimming; or … something. Whoring a book can be fun and euphoric and engrossing, but all things must end.

Am I there yet? Not quite. But, inevitably, the time will come.

3 thoughts on “920”

  1. Well, regardless of its current ranking, you should be damn proud. If sales meant all, the Nobel Prize in Literature would go to Young Adult novelists and celebrity ghostwriters. Sure, it’s sad to see the public not embracing or talking about a product like it once did. But the more important thing is the end product and what it accomplished. A lot of time, work, and love went into this project, and it shows in both the content and prose.

    I’ve said it before, and would preface it saying I haven’t read every sports book out there, but it’s hands down the best of the ones I’ve read. So wear that 920 proudly.

    Also, if it’s any consolation at all, I was at my local mall’s closing Border’s location two weeks ago and the place was wall to wall with Sarah Palin books that were marked down as high as 90% and not moving an inch. Time will be kinder to you, as it was to Payton, than it will be to others. 🙂

  2. The fact that the Kindle edition cost $18.21 didn’t help you where this reader is concerned. I’m not blaming you, personally. I know you don’t set the price, but e-books should not cost more than their paper versions.
    I have your Bonds and Clemens books on my Kindle, and the Dallas Cowboys book in print.
    These days, anything I read is on my Kindle.

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