A new king of debate

I’ve always loved political debates. There are little moments that stand out—Ronald Regan’s “There you go again” with Jimmy Carter; Bill Clinton pacing the stage toward Ross Perot; Al Gore walking too close to George W. Bush. Of course, the power of JFK’s image vs. Richard Nixon.

In my mind, the greatest debate moment came in 1988, when Lloyd Bensten slayed Dan Quayle in the VP standoff. Here it is …

Yet my new all-time winner took place last night, when—with a few words–Rick Perry officially threw up the white flag, becoming 2011’s Fred Thompson (all hype, no reality)

For those who missed it …

3 thoughts on “A new king of debate”

  1. It would be nice to have a candidate who can handle lists of three. That said, I would totally do something like that in that arena with that pressure. Which is one of the kazillion reasons I’ll never run for president.

  2. While Bensten may have “slayed” Quayle with that one-liner, he and Dukakis got “slayed” on election day.
    It is hard to believe that Texas elected a Governor dumber than Bush.

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