Phil Martelli should be fired

That is, if the accusations made by a former St. Joseph’s player named Todd O’Brien are true.

Which, I believe, they are.

Seriously, read this. By now, I am no longer shocked or even disappointed by the near-universal dickheadedness of big-time college coaches. But I remain disgusted. O’Brien was a marginal St. Joeseph’s player who had the audacity of wanting to pursue of course of study elsewhere. When he asked for approval to transfer, Martelli denied it. Why? Because he was pissed.


5 thoughts on “Phil Martelli should be fired”

  1. Or–he was annoyed that a guy that he went to bat for after he was nearly expelled decided to tell him that he didn’t want to play for him anymore. He’s not really right, but O’Brien isn’t exactly innocent here, either.

  2. elgringoloco: Doesn’t matter. He can be upset, he can feel offended – but Martelli is supposed to be the adult here. To act in this vindictive of a fashion (assuming, as Jeff did, that O’Brien’s article is true) is appalling.

    Yes, O’Brien has a checkered past – but the matter at hand is that he has met all of the requirements from the NCAA to get the graduate exemption, and St. John’s is flipping him the bird by refusing to allow him to play. Props to UAB for honoring the scholarship and allowing him to pursue the graduate studies.

  3. Todd was needed as a practice player helping younger players develop. He would have been an experienced reserve to be used situationally or as an injury replacement. Both important roles in a good program. No way Phil would deny the waiver if he did not need the player. O’Brien needed a lesson in loyalty and commitment having harmed his own alma mater. He is a model of selfishness void of Jesuit values.

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