Karen Handel

It is easy to blame Karen Handel.

It’s easy to single her out; to direct all anger and frustration over the Susan G Komen for the Cure’s decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer screening efforts. It’s easy to look at Karen Handel, a far-far-far-far-far right, strong-strong-strong anti-abortion zealot (who once ran for the governor of Georgia on a pro-life platform), and say, “It’s on her. It’s all her. I blame her.”

And, in many regards, I do blame her. I blame her for reducing Komen, a wonderful organization, into an inevitably fringe, irrelevant operation. I blame her for politicizing something that shouldn’t be politicized. I blame her for ruining a fantastic thing. I blame her, I blame her, I blame her and, though we’ve never met, I hate her. I really hate her.

And yet …

Every so often, in life, we have friends who marry someone we loathe. The new spouse is loud and obnoxious and demanding and controlling, and we blame our friend’s change in behavior on the new addition. Which, really, is 50-percent bullshit. Nobody forces a person to change. If your friend starts acting differently upon being married, your friend deserves much of the blame. He changed. He mutated.

It’s on him.

Somewhere along the lines, Komen’s board thought it wise to hire Karen Handel. They surely knew her background; surely knew her positions. When she said, “Let’s dump Parenthood,” the group went along. She’s the front person, and maybe even the primary decision maker. But, I assure you, she’s not the only decision maker.

Regardless, this doesn’t end well. I’m no psychic, but I’ve been around. Karen Handel has this job for another two weeks. Three, max.

It’s been brought on.

9 thoughts on “Karen Handel”

  1. The Komen Foundation sucks. Ask one of the many smaller organizations Komen has sued for for using pink ribbons and the phrase “The Cure.” Moreover, the amount of money they spend on salaries (as opposed to their professed mission) is outrageous.

    Rather ironic that an organization ostensibly founded to combat breast cancer has chosen to withdraw support from another organization that offers free mammograms to poor women.

  2. Funny world we live in. Last year my company “strongly suggested” that we donate to support the local Race for the Cure, and I declined because I’m angry that Planned Parenthood makes a profit off of destroying human lives. I’ll now gladly support Komen after ending their relationship with PP.

  3. Well, Komen has now reversed their decision. Glad to see they were able to put a desire to raise money for cancer research ahead of their political beliefs.

    It’s a shame you weren’t able to do the same. Pearlman was on a crusade to destroy an organization that, in my city alone, raised $1.1 million for cancer research through their 5k simply because he didn’t agree with one of their decisions.

    To borrow one of your favorite phrases: Evil. Fucking evil.

    1. Fucking evil? Riley, an oragnization that places politics over mission isn’t worth supporting. There are other groups out there that do the same work as Komen, without the political thinking.

  4. Fortunately they reversed direction.
    I am Prolife, that is why I was so angry they dropped out of Planned Parenthood.
    Breast Cancer Kills.
    Planned Parenthood saved lives with their breast cancer money.

  5. Funny how a story like this can shed light on an organization. Twenty Five cents out of a dollar raised by Komen goes to program services. The rest goes to salaries, overhead, and more fund raising. My money continues to go to Planned Parenthood. The difference, now, is that when I see “pink” whatever I’ll turn the other way.

  6. Because Karen Handel believes in the sanctity of life, and would likely prefer that Komen’s funds not aid agencies that take the lives of the very infants a woman’s breast was designed to feed and nurture, should she be vilified? It is a profound matter of the heart.

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