John Rocker

So, since some of you asked, this is the interview from last week with my friend, John Rocker.

As I’ve said numerous times, I’ve got no real beef with the man. But he is an absolute, 100 percent liar, or, perhaps, just one who conveniently ignores facts, or just someone who forgets stuff. Either way, his memories of the interview are comically off. As I’ve previously noted, how does the “fat monkey” description of a black teammate get taken out of context—unless, perhaps, he was saying Randall Simon was just big and cuddly, like a snuggly black money doll. But, eh, I’m not sure that’s where he was going.

Truth is, neither Rocker nor I matter much. I’m a writer, he’s an ex-ballplayer. It was a long time ago and, based upon the 500 or so books he’ll probably sell, it seems people have moved on. Either way, I’ve never fully understood why he just doesn’t tell the truth. That he was young, dumb, ignorant—and that, hey, “I’ve evolved and learned over time.”

That would be the easy way, as well as the best.