The Catholic Church Puzzles …

When it came to women’s rights, the Catholic church lagged (and still lags) …

When it came to civil rights, the Catholic church lagged …

When it came to its own sex scandals, the Catholic church lagged …

The  Catholic church has done nothing—absolutely nothing—about climate change. It has taken a weak, pathetic position on America’s torturing of prisoners. It never spoke out against the evils of the tobacco industry/lobby. It never promoted mass recycling. On and on and on and on—from little to huge—the Catholic church cowers on issues that genuinely impact society.

Except for gay rights.

And abortion.

And—dear God—birth control.

The Catholic church is very, very, very angry that the Obama administration is (100% rightly) forcing their health insurance policies to cover birth control. The dolt Republican candidates have tried to frame this as some sort of “war” on religion. Which, they surely know (but would never admit) is nonsense; just some red meat words to toss the agitated conservatives.

What irks me, really, is this: People use birth control. Like, almost ALL people use birth control. It’s wise and smart and handy and important and, were the church not so (sadly) powerful, we’d be encouraging teens to know about condoms and—if sex is on the horizon—use them. But, no, that’s doesn’t please the virgins in big, bright hats. Even in 2012. Even when birth control is as accepted as Trident.

Quite frankly, I’m fed up with the Catholic church. Faith—wonderful. But following this sort of nonsense; living in fear; believing the spewage of a few fading has-been “holy men” … no.

Just, no.