The most amazing sound I’ve ever heard

Before we all officially move past Whitney Houston, I beg of you to click here. It’s a link to Houston’s isolated vocal track from the “How Will I Know” recording session—and it’s friggin’ off-the-hook insane.

Seriously, tell me it’s not awe-inspiring.

I’m still sad about this one. She was my first crush. She was one of my all-time favorite singers. She represents a simple, beautiful time in my life. She was, to me, gorgeous and energetic and vibrant.

I know … I know—it was a mirage. But, to me, that matters not.


2 thoughts on “The most amazing sound I’ve ever heard”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I remember in the days after MJ died how I was pretty much blase’ about the whole deal. Then about six months later I was just going through youtube videos of him, the classic stuff from Thriller and Off The Wall, the Motown special that he blew the roof off of, etc. You forget sometimes how huge these people were just 20 – 25 years ago. Before MJ’s pedophilia trial and plastic surgery run amok, before Whitney was ever associated with Bobby Brown and “crack is whack”. Maybe it is just the way we perceived them when we were young and idealistic. Or maybe they were just that damn good. Even back then I wasn’t a huge Whitney fan but when I hear “Saving all my love” or “I wanna dance with somebody”, its brings me back my high school years….and who doesn’t look back on their misspent youth in envy????

  2. dang, she was really really talented. makes you wonder how far she could have gone if she took care of herself a little better. hopefully, lessons can be learned from this.

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