Book giveaway: Name the statue …

So I haven’t had a contest here in quite a while. Today, in honor of Friday, Wayne Chrebet, my bloodied colon and John Oates, I offer this …

Name the Florida Marlins new ugly-ass outfield statue. The name can be as many words as possible. One. Ten. Matters not. Post your answers in the Comments section, with an e-mail. The winner, announced early next week, snags a signed copy of Sweetness, as well as the audio version of the book.


35 thoughts on “Book giveaway: Name the statue …”

  1. A Long Strange Trip with the Incredible Mr. Limpet
    Why We Lost Nemo in the First Place
    What Lebron Did With His Talents in South Beach

  2. ‘Sushi’

    “Public Restroom’

    ‘I Went to See The Marlins and All I Saw Was This Stupid Statue”

    ‘Side Effects Include Nausea and Blindness’

    ‘Do Not Look Directly At The Art’

    ‘This is Your Brain on Drugs’

    “The True Face of Sarah Palin’

    Or alternately:

    “Jeff’s Colon: The Interior’ 😀

    Heh this is fun! ^^

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