Sunglasses inside

I took the above photo earlier tonight at the Staples Center.

The Warriors were playing the Lakers, and it was one of those seen-to-be-seen crowds, with women in jeans and high heels; large breasts dangling left and right; large doses of perfume. The thing that gets me—that really, really, really, really gets me—is someone wearing sunglasses indoors.

Like this fool.

Here’s the thing: Sunglasses are made to help your eyes deal with the sun. When we’re inside, there is no sun. So, unless you’re Stevie Wonder or Helen Keller, you don’t need shades within a roofed complex—like the Staples Center. But you think you’re cool. Like, soooo cool. So you keep the sunglasses on, thinking, “I’m so cool.” Only you’re not cool. You’re no different than the fools with the stickers on their hats. The stickers are actually placed there by a company, in order to merchandise. By leaving the sticker on, well, you’re just being foolish.

Like sunglasses indoors.