Sunglasses inside

I took the above photo earlier tonight at the Staples Center.

The Warriors were playing the Lakers, and it was one of those seen-to-be-seen crowds, with women in jeans and high heels; large breasts dangling left and right; large doses of perfume. The thing that gets me—that really, really, really, really gets me—is someone wearing sunglasses indoors.

Like this fool.

Here’s the thing: Sunglasses are made to help your eyes deal with the sun. When we’re inside, there is no sun. So, unless you’re Stevie Wonder or Helen Keller, you don’t need shades within a roofed complex—like the Staples Center. But you think you’re cool. Like, soooo cool. So you keep the sunglasses on, thinking, “I’m so cool.” Only you’re not cool. You’re no different than the fools with the stickers on their hats. The stickers are actually placed there by a company, in order to merchandise. By leaving the sticker on, well, you’re just being foolish.

Like sunglasses indoors.

6 thoughts on “Sunglasses inside”

  1. Unless it is one of those people who have sensitivity to bright lights (I know such people) and are forced to wear sunglasses in places like arenas with lots of bright lights. I’m not saying the woman in the picture is such a person, but you never know.

    1. Unfortunately, I am one of those with light sensitive eyes. Yes, most of those are probably poseurs, especially at a Lakers game. My sunglasses look just like regular glasses. I do it so people won’t take “offense” to the whole indoors thing. Most don’t. Concerts are the worst for me.

      It does bother me when people use it as a fashion statement.

    2. What I have observed is those people that are sensitive to light are that way because they wear sunglasses.
      If you go without them your eyes learn to adjust.

  2. My wife quit joining me at Tampa Bay Rays games at Tropicana Field because of the lighting. She’s not a huge baseball fan but honestly struggled to sit through an entire game even while wearing sunglasses. Everyone is correct about some people being posers but bright lights do affect many people. Another example is my struggle to drive a car at night. The constant flow of oncoming car headlights limits my ability to safely drive any long distances. Fortunately I’m aware of my limitation and plan as many trips as possible for daylight hours.

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