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As the presidential election starts kicking in, I can’t help but think something: When was the last time the Republicans engineered positive social change?

I’m being serious. I’ve been politically aware for, oh, 25-30 years now. And, across the board, when it comes to the rights of minorities, the rights of women, the rights of gays, the GOP always—without exception—lags far behind. Please, someone, give me a modern example of the Republicans leading the way on positive social progress. Something? Anything?

To me, this matters—a lot. I know the GOP says government should stay out of our lives, but—of course—this is nonsense. The government influenced the voting rights of women, the voting rights of blacks. The government usually doesn’t spearhead a movement, but it does, justly, guide said movement toward fruition. So, again, when was the last time a Republican stood up and said, “Follow me toward positive change!”

As far as I can tell, the GOP is concerned, primarily, about one thing: Money.

Never spending money.

Never urging the wealthy to use money to help the less fortunate.

Never losing site that financial gain is the ultimate goal.

Mitt Romney perfectly exemplifies this. Socially, the man is a coward. He has no guts; sticks his finger in the wind to decide which way to go. Not all that long ago, he insisted he’d be a friend for the gays. Since those words left his lips—nothingness. Hell, when the audience at a GOP debate booed a gay soldier stationed in the Middle East, Romney—a presumed leader—said nothing. Not a thing.

This is about gay marriage, but it’s not about gay marriage. It’s about courage and leadership and righteousness.

And the lack thereof.

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  1. So, standing up and saying “I agree with everything the liberal media and hollywood says” takes courage? It takes courage to tell people “you’re not capable of taking care of yourselves, just vote democrat and we’ll take care of you”? If good intentions were all that mattered your way would be the way, but results are what matters. Destroying the black nuclear family in this country is something you’re going to hang your hat on? oh that’s right, a single parent family is just as viable as one with two parents, because standing up and saying otherwise is gutless? Obama has flip-flopped on the gay marriage issue about six times since the 90’s, in between being a champion of gay rights he’s been a HUGE homophobe. He did this for one reason, nobody is giving him the huge money he will need to distract people from the fact that women and blacks have had the shit kicked out of them by his socialist policies.

      1. Alright then, apology accepted.

        In Bobbys defense the Clinton years didn’t get going until the republican congress was elected and President Clinton worked with them. Even welfare was reformed, if you bring that up now you are branded a rascist.

  2. Whoever votes against gay rights today will simply be on the wrong side of history. Look at how stupid people who voted against minority rights 40 years ago look today. You are either for equality (for ALL people) or you are against it.

  3. When was the last time the Republicans engineered positive social change?ummmmmmm the Civil Rights act of 1965.
    It NEVER would have passed without Republican support. In those days, the Democratic Party was dominated by segregationists in the South who did not support this at all.
    Republicans also helped allow Gay marriage in New York State.
    Plus Republicans led during the 80s and 90s enormous economic growth that allowed you to grow up comfortably in Mahopac and attend college in the 90s. Compared to the 1970’s, that economic growth was “positive change.”
    When it comes to politics Jeff, I think you really need to do more research as you could probably find more facts to support your arguments rather than it sounding like an emotional rant.

    1. Bobby, that you challenge my “research” while resorting on the thinest, lamest of arguments is, well, thin and lame.
      First, citing 1965 as an example of “Republican” change is laughable, in that—as you certainly know—it’s an entirely, entirely different party. There’s no way the modern GOP would have considered such action. Literally, it is a different party. Hence, why I cited “the last 30 years.” Second, as you also know, New York State Republicans are, in many cases, what the rest of the country calls “Democrats.” They are liberal minded and, if not, at least liberal-leaning. They certainly don’t have anything to do with the national GOP when it comes to social change. Third, the enormous economic growth, you SURELY realize, took place largely during the Clinton Administration, when the economy was at its strongest (statistically) since the early 1960s. If you want to credit Ronald Reagan for that, go ahead. When it comes to politics Bobby, do more research. The facts would help you. 🙂

      1. New York State Republicans are are liberal minded and, if not, at least liberal-leaning???????
        I thought the reason your hometown of Mahopac is damned to hell (in your opinion) is because they overwhelmingly vote Republican and are racists (your words, not mine) As for the 1990’s, it was Bush Sr.’s economic policies that Clinton wrongly takes credit for that created a boom. Not to mention a Republican House and Congress that halted Clinton’s spending and produced 4 consecutive surpluses…..something that W ultimately destroyed.
        Republicans also appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court,the first black as Secretary of State and the first black female as Secretary of State. My main point is that whenever you write a post about politics, it’s usually Republican bashing that sounds more like a partisan comment on a Facebook post than a “professional” writer.
        Maybe you should read someone like Chuck Todd and then compare it to what you wrote.

  4. You do realize the 7 non voting Democrats were also no votes, since it required a majority of the chamber. Democrats have been leading gays an other minorities around by the nose to get their support but when it comes time to deliver anything of substance, they intend to disappoint.

    If gays really wanted to be normalized in society, they would cut the wholesale adoption of the far left agenda (taxation, big government, etc) and hold both sides accountable. If you want to be ignored, tuck yourself completely under the wing of one political party.

  5. If you are going to give anybody credit for passing the civil rights act it is LBJ, a democrat. Yes there were democrats against it but they were mainly from the south. When Nixon became president the south has mainly voted Republican. LBJ even said the South was lost when he signed the bill. But he knew it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately signing that bill has in some ways set the country back. I think the evangelical movement was one of the reactions to the signing of that bill. And of course the changing culture added to the rise of these groups. They were hardly a big force in the country until the late sixties. I have asked the question in other places, but I would like some one to give me five things that conservatism has contributed to the country in a good way.

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