*52 Quazes

So when I started the Quaz last year, my initial goal was to make it a year.

Well, I’ve made it (almost) a year.

I’ve completed 50 Quazes, and I have four more ready to run. But I also have a question, and I would love an honest answer: Does anyone care?

Some of the Quazes get big responses. Some seem almost invisible. When I interview right-wing nutties, the numbers are big. When I interview, oh, a relatively unknown rapper like Mac Lethal, nobody appears to give a shit.

So, give it to me straight—is the Quaz OK? Should I aim for a second year? Or is it just too much used-up space on a mediocre sportswriter blog?


37 thoughts on “*52 Quazes”

  1. I never read them regularly, but enjoyed the ones I did read. Honestly, if you enjoy doing them, keep doing them. If it’s more of a hassle for you, give it up or cut back on them and break them out sporadically.

    Given the choice, I’d rather read your take on something rather than an interview with someone else.

  2. Some people are very intriguing, some aren’t. I suppose it’s like any other interview; if you have someone I’m interested in listening to, I’m totally there.

    As far as a valuable reading experience, there are fewer things that are more informative and as enjoyable as an interview. Keep it up, I say.

  3. I enjoy them, but I’m not much of an internet commenter. FWIW, I like the ones with ex-athletes the best, especially when they are doing something interesting these days.

  4. Please keep them coming. I missed a few of them, but one recently caught my eye. When I was finished reading, I ended up going back through a ton of them. Interesting stuff!

  5. I have read most of them. The one I remember skipping was the tea party lady from a couple of weeks ago. Her views are no different from other tea party people. I figured it was a waste of time to read it. I have noticed that at least in your reply section there aren’t many, so maybe they are doing it by email or social media. Then again I don’t see many replies to the subjects you blog about. So maybe they are reaching out in other ways. If you like doing the Quaz, keep doing it.

  6. I like them. I won’t necessarily finish them all (Tea Party nut is the one that comes to mind) but I like the change of pace. It lets you flex your journalism in a non-sports way–I enjoy that.

  7. I always find the Quaz interesting to read. The subjects are usually interesting and I like learning about other than the usual suspects that typically get written about. I don’t comment usually, but I always read them. I’m all for you continuing to do them.

  8. it’s a good idea in general but I gotta admit, I just looked back at the full list and there were 10-15 people I cared about, tops.

    so you need to do 1 of 2 things:
    a) keep interviewing people YOU find interesting and forget what us readers think
    b) if you want more reader response, upgrade the quality of people you interview

  9. Jeff, I love them. Years ago working as a reporter, once a year we’d do a special edition where we’d throw darts at a map of our coverage area, then each reporter would go to that location, knock on a door and do a story based on whoever we found there. This reminds me so much of that, and I love the quirky little stories the series allows you to share. Keep it up!!

  10. I have become a huge fan of your work this past year and that includes the quazes. We go through the same thing with our podcast. Sometimes we have Peter King and our website crashes. Other weeks we have a best writer from New Orleans and we wonder if anyone other than my mother listened. The Internet can be a fickle place. But, sometimes we have a show go off that we never expected. Keep it going. Keep the diversity. You might rake a small pot this week, but that just makes for more money to put in the pot when you have a royal flush.

  11. The Quazes are the best thing you do. Sometimes, I feel like making a comment but there usually isn’t much to add to the conversation. (Plus, you erase half of my comments anyway.)If anything, they are a bit long.

  12. they generally are good. Some are more interesting than others which is natural obviously to individuals reading. Keep doing them would be my vote.

  13. I’ve read them all. I especially enjoy the obscure folks I would never have known except for Quaz. I hope you continue the series.

  14. There have been plenty in which I had no interest at all, but there have also been plenty that I devoured. I would not want to see them stop.

  15. Unlike Sanford, I like to get the opposite point of view, it’s the reason I read your blog and comment. Can’t exactly sit around and argue politics with liberal members of my family without them getting pissed. keep em’ coming.

  16. What Benji said right up there. To tell the truth, I get quite a bit more out of the opera singers, cancer (and other disease) survivors, show people and other less common people than I do out of the ex-athlete ones (generally).

    Do what interests you, m’man, I’m sure enough of us will follow.

  17. I love the Quaz and hope you continue. I have read every one and some more than once. It is my favorite thing on your blog.

  18. Jeff
    keep them coming, i always enjoy them. Like learning about other people’s careers and lives and how they got to where they are

  19. Jeff,
    I just came upon the Quaz phenomenon, have read about 14 minutes’ worth, and love it. So assign this the weight it merits (5.6 ounces, perhaps), but I did want to weigh in.

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