Milking 9.11 for money

I don’t get offended easily. I really don’t. Sure, I complain quite a bit. And whine. And moan. But am I often offended? No, I’m not.

Tonight, however, I find myself enraged. A couple of minutes ago, while watching a Yao Ming documentary on ESPN2, the above commercial played. When it began, my first thought was, “Church.” Then, “Some sort of charity.” Then, finally, scam. Which, really, this is. The makers of this commercial … of this product, want to turn your emotions; your pain—into money. That’s all this is—a money maker based upon the death of thousands. And just in case one might think there’s some legitimacy, all he/she needs to do is read the very tiny wording on the middle of the website. This:

That said, it’s a helluva deal! As the site says: “With this special TV offer, you’ll receive 1 Silver Layered Justice Coin and 1 Gold Layered Justice Coin, 2 Acrylic Capsules, AND Certificate of Authenticity for ONLY $19.95 plus $7.95 S&P. But WAIT – we’ll also include the military briefing packet and gold lapel pin for FREE, just pay a separate $9.95 shipping and processing fee. An incredible value!”