E-mail of the day … and Beverly Hills

Hey just read your Lance Armstrong article. Walter, and now Lance. If you have
kids, I hope they never learn what a complete douche bag you are.


The writer was “Mike.” He used a fake e-mail address, without a last name. Why? Because Mike is a coward. And while Mike might find me to be a horrible human being, and even a douche, at least I place my name atop every single opinion.

Along those lines, I’m sitting in Beverly Hills, working at a coffee shop for a few hours before my next interview. Beverly Hills is such an odd place; a land of enormous ego, egregiously awful fashion (disguised as trendy) and people who spend lots of money to look as if they did not spend lots of money.

Actually, along those lines I fit in quite well. I’m wearing $1 sunglasses, a $10 T-shirt and jeans that have been in my closet for at least, oh, five years. At most, they cost $35.


1 thought on “E-mail of the day … and Beverly Hills”

  1. Man, why got to throw Kirk McCaskill, pride of Kapuskasing, Ontario around like that?

    As for Armstrong, he ought to have to stand there while every one who still has one of those LiveStrong bracelets takes it off and shoots it like a rubber band at his buttocks.

    But the dustbin of history is cool, too.

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