Posnanski and Paterno II

* Note: The video was taken down. V-e-r-y wisely.

Ed Sherman pointed this out today on his excellent blog. Again, you can’t have a video like this. You just can’t. If I’m Joe, or I’m the publisher, or I’m both, I remove it ASAP. The peppy music has to go. The script has to go. The sentimentality has to go.

It’s a really, really, really tough spot for Joe Posnanski—one I don’t even remotely envy, yet one I’m fascinated by. I have no doubt the book will be wonderfully written and full of great stories. But is it even remotely possible to still have a feel-good Joe Paterno book when it really looks as if he allowed a sexual predator to roam the campus? I honestly don’t know.

This will be fascinating.