Transitionary slaughter …

We’ve all been there. I certainly have. Hence, I’m not using the writer’s name.

That said (drumroll, please ….)

And the Worst Transition in a Story Appearing in a Major American Newspaper goes to …


For this, from today’s piece on the upcoming Whitney Houston film, Sparkle …

“It just appealed to me,” Houston added. “And I never let go of it.”
Sadly, fans were forced to let go of Houston when she died Feb. 11 at age 48.

2 thoughts on “Transitionary slaughter …”

  1. Why do you feel the need to ridicule writers who make mistakes? Admitting that you’ve “been there” doesn’t make it acceptable to point out others’ blemishes for no reason.

    1. Because this is a bit more than a mere mistake. This was a conscious choice on the part of the writer (albeit a poor choice).

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