Pre-existing coverage

I have a Facebook friend who remains convinced Saddam Hussein was involved in 9.11. She, quite literally, told me this the other day; how while, no, there was no literal proof, surely American intelligence knew something it couldn’t share.


My point is, people can be dumb. And naive. And uninformed. They come to conclusions based upon the repetition of a statement. Meaning, if Fox News utters: “Saddam-9.11” enough times, “Saddam-9.11” becomes fact in the minds and worlds of many. It speaks to the sheep-like state many of us live in—and that’s far from a compliment.

Which leads me to Mitt Romney.

I don’t like Mitt Romney. I don’t hate him or loathe him—I just don’t like or trust him. I think he’s a professional candidate; a wealthy, sheltered, out-of-touch man who believes in  the arrogant trickle-down theories of Ronald Reagan. Were he managing the local deli, I’m sure he’d do quite well. But, as the CEO of a nation, he’s simply not what I want. To me, this nation shouldn’t be about greed and selfishness and bashing those in need. It just shouldn’t.

During last Wednesday’s debate, when Romney waxed Barack Obama up and down the stage, the former governor made a statement that absolutely floored me. Namely, he said that, under his health care policy, patients with pre-exisiting conditions could not be denied coverage.

This is, by nearly all accounts, a lie.

Not a fabrication.

Not a fib.

Not a mistake.

A fat, false, deliberate lie.

But more than the mere words of a falsehood, what irks me is the depth behind it. Literally, Romney’s plan leaves many suffering people without health insurance. I hear his supporters talk about compassion and heart, but where is that compassion and heart? How can a candidate feel OK treating sick people with such disdain?

I just don’t get it.

4 thoughts on “Pre-existing coverage”

  1. While I agree with you that Romney lied when he said there would be no denial of insurance due to pre-existing conditions, an even bigger lie came shortly after when he claimed that under his health plan Americans would be able to choose between TWO plans, his plan that replaces Obamacare OR Medicare. The implication was that Medicare as it currently exists will still be an option in a Romney/Republican administration, which is an absolute unequivocal falsehood. Romney tracked so far to the center in the debate tea partiers all over the country are joining the chorus of people who have been saying, “Just who the hell IS this guy?” He is a guy who will say whatever he thinks will get him elected. The best description I’ve heard is that he is “a human windsock.”

  2. JEFF –

    You are a sports Author…….Surely you’ve heard of the ” Rope a Dope. ” Stayed tuned Brother.

    4 More Years, I’ll bet you everything I’ve got.

    I do not love Obama, I like him, BUT I HATE A LIAR, and that’s what MITT is……A LIAR!


  3. I had the same reaction when I heard that statement about pre-existing conditions. What is amazing to me is that Obama didn’t call him on that right then. Too bad because that would have been great TV.

  4. Some people will say anything to get elected. Close Gitmo, end the wars, cut the deficit in half, lower the ocean levels, you name it, there is no shame.

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