Dear Mark Potts, Marketing Executive …

Dear Mark Potts, Marketing Executive …

I received your e-mail today; the one where you offered me (and other bloggers and journalists, I’m assuming) $10 of PayPal dough to write a review of 2BET2, an “innovative new sports betting game on Facebook.”

Here’s my review:

Although I have never tried 2BET2, and never will try 2BET2, I am assuming 2BET2 absolutely sucks. I mean, what more can one assume from a company that feels the need to bribe reviewers into offering positive takes?

In fact, not only does 2BET2 suck—it sucks really, really, really badly. To engage in 2BET2 is to crawl blindly through the bowels of hell, accompanied only by the music of Men Without Hats and a 70-foot python (one that smells of rotting human flesh) attached to your testicles. I would rather vomit, then eat my vomit, spit it out and eat it again, than ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever engage in 2BET2. I would rather dip my nipples in acid; would rather coat my body in cheese and unleash 600,000 starved rats; would rather spend 800-straight days in John Rocker’s mud wrestling pit; would rather bathe in my dog’s post-shrimp excrement—than spend one waking moment in front of 2BET2.

That’ll be $10 …

3 thoughts on “Dear Mark Potts, Marketing Executive …”

  1. Dear Jeff,

    I find your attachment to pythons to be somewhat sad. While I personally enjoy the music of Men Without Hats, eating my own vomit is not something I indulge in, neither are some of your somewhat more esoteric nipple dipping ideas! And as for the rats – while these would no doubt provide much amusement for the Python (provided it hasnt already been scared off by your vomit) – all in all I think the pit would prove to be the final straw in your exciting little scene. And anyway – who feeds their dogs shrimps???

    2BET2 is – you may find to your surprise – a rather entertaining and fun sports betting game. That you elect to condemn it without so much as a glance is perplexing and sad, but no doubt we will live with that.

    Paying for marketing is rarely considered a bribe – its a shame you feel that way. Perhaps the amount was not enough? Would $1000 be more appropriate?

    Kind regards,
    Adriaan (CEO)

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