I entered the University of Delaware as a virgin.

This was not by choice. I was gawky. Unattractive. No confidence. No game. Oddly, little interest. Sure, I liked girls, and noticed particularly attractive ones. But I’d spent my high school years focused on sports and academics. Girls? Even the girls I liked, well, I was out of my league.

Anyhow, at the start of my sophomore year of college I was still a virgin, and it was getting increasingly depressing. As my friends left and right bragged of their conquests, I was the 20-year-old virgin, silently standing by, nodding but saying little.

Then, Mandi came along.

Mandi and I both signed up to be RAs in the Russell Hall dorm. She was a year older than me, and absolutely smokin’. Brown hair, brown eyes, very curvy and flirtatious. We had a training week before school started, and Mandi and I spent a ton of time together. There was an undeniable … something in the air, and had I known then what I know now (pardon to the cliche), I would have, for lack of a better term, made my move. Of course, I didn’t know then what I know now. So I simply asked her out for dinner on a first date. It went well, and afterward I walked her back to her room and … eh, shook her hand.

I shook her friggin’ hand.

Second date—I used a friend’s apartment to cook her dinner. I don’t remember the exact menu, only that it made little sense. Probably a pasta with a potato or something. Anyhow, we sat on the floor, eating and laughing … and, once again, I did nothing. Not a thing. Wished her good night, probably stuck out my hand, that was that.

Shockingly, she stopped returning my calls; stopped popping her head into my room. I was a cowardly kid, lacking the knowledge on how to move in on a woman; how to lean in for a kiss; how to maneuver my hands; how to do anything. I was lost. A boy. A know-nothing.

For weeks upon weeks, I hated myself for my limited skills. I replayed the dates in my mind, wondering why I was such a sack-less wimp.

Then, one day, I ran into Mandi’s friend on campus. I asked how things were going.

“Mandi dropped out of school,” she said. “She’s pregnant.”

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  1. Great post jeff. As a 21 year old who was recently in your position (in college with no game and a virgin with friends who had been having sex for 5+ years), I was obviously able to relate. Fortunately, my situation ended better, but I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh. I used to think that I was the only one in college who wasn’t having sex (besides the abstinence crowd). Now that your older, you probably dont care about the stigma, but it bothered the hell out of me and it made me feel good to know people I respect went through similar things.


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