The Pee-Absorbent Rug

I took the above photograph at a home I stayed in last night. It’s a toilet with a rug.

But … not merely any ol’ rug. It’s the pee-absorbent, base-of-the-toilet rug that appears in approximately 17 percent of American households.

It has always—always—baffled me.

On the one hand, I suppose I understand a certain pleasure in having warm feet while one pees or poops. But don’t the negatives far outweigh the positives? If 17 percent of American households boast pee-absorbent, base-of-the-toilet rugs, a solid 97.4 percent of American men leave a little frontal post-urination dink on the floor. Some clean it up, some don’t—the point is, it happens a lot. Which means, if most men piss on the floor, and 17 percent of that pissing takes place in homes with pee-absorbent, base-of-the-toilet rugs, that means almost all (if not all) of said rugs are contaminated by at least a small amount of someone’s urine.

At least your feet are warm.

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