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Oh, Susannah

I’d never heard of Susannah Collins before this morning, when I saw people Tweeting about a Chicago sports media personality who accidentally said the Blackhawks had a “tremendous amount of sex during the regular season” instead of “succeed during the regular season.”

Collins, it turns out, was fired by Comcast SportsNet Chicago, although the company issued a release saying it wasn’t because of the flub, but, “a series of raunchy YouTube videos uploaded between 2009 and 2010.” I don’t know Collins, I don’t know Collins’ work. I genuinely feel bad for her, because getting fired stinks, and she was a young woman probably living the dream. I also think corporations tend to suck, and even a sniff of negative publicity will often lead to the axe being slammed into an employee’s neck. If, indeed, Collins was dumped because of the flub, well, it’s shameful. Beyond shameful. As was the case a few weeks ago with A.J. Clemente, shit happens. Shit always happens.

On a personal note, in the past, oh, 15 minutes I’ve become a huge fan of Collins’ work. Why, you ask …