Equal Anger

I am a liberal, and I am angry.

If you are a liberal, or a conservative, or independent, or indifferent, you should be angry, too.

According to new reports, federal investigators recently seized two months of phone records from Associated Press reporters and editors in what the AP has called, a “serious interference with AP’s constitutional rights to gather and report the news.”

Damn right.

I’m not writing this as a journalist, but as an American—one who generally supports the Obama Administration. This is shameful. Beyond shameful. A. Because it’s a direct, unambiguous violation of the United States Constitution; B. Because it directly goes against the past words and promises of a president who said his administration was dedicated to transparency.

It calls into question the very ethics of the people running the country; allows one to (rightly) wonder what else is going on; who else has been listened to and tapped. When Obama was elected, many of us breathed a sigh of relief, happy the Dick Cheney-esque days of secrecy and privacy infringement were over. Well, not so fast.

In and of itself, I wasn’t overly concerned about Benghazi. In and of itself, I was somewhat dismissive of the I.R.S. going after Tea Party members. All together, however, one must (absolutely must) ask himself whether this administration is any different than the Bush administration. You must wonder whether the rule of law is especially important, and whether getting ahead remains a greater priority than serving the people.

Usually, I hear the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly flapping their gums, ripping Democrats, and I blame the messenger.

This time, however, they have every right to go off.

Every stinkin’ right.

4 thoughts on “Equal Anger”

  1. Jeff, I listen when you speak. I am a student, and advocate, and a firm believer in equality and humanity. I care more deeply than you may know, having formed a non-profit years ago to help combat misuse of power. I devoted my life to advocating about the importance of mutual respect … I know you never called, but I would have welcomed learning and sharing who I am … as I am ‘undercover’ on the side of goodness. Respect ~ SXM

  2. sanford sklansky

    I wonder if many conservative pundits will say anything at all. I don’t follow any of them so I don’t know. We don’t know what is going on because journalists do a crappy job of finding what is going on. I should say main stream journalists. This is why it is so crappy that the government has gone after Bradley Manning and Julius Assange. Just despicable.

  3. Great Post. I do Not believe this Administration is any Better or Worse than the Last…Because Honestly, I Think there is ONE agenda, regardless of Party. They are Just Puppets in the Play, My Friend….

  4. I’m a liberal. And I’m totally perplexed over the furor behind this issue, Benghazi and the IRS non-event. The level of vitriol from the press on this issue is almost laughable given the shrug of the shoulders by most media organizations during the initial passing of the Patriot Act and its subsequent extension. But then I remembered the press cling to their 1st Amendment rights the same way Wayne Lapierre clings to his guns and bible, i.e. both the press and the NRA think that some people are more equal than others.

    More laughable is that this fuss seems to be over phone records. Not conversations but records of phones calls…like a phone bill.

    If the police suspected I was participating in some kind of criminal conspiracy, they’d probably seek my phone records. I wonder if the press corps would take to scream to the heavens over that? Probably not.

    Is there a difference between a private citizen and the press? Shouldn’t both be afforded the same 1st Amendment rights? Each party protected from potential tyranny? Or are some people more equal than others?

    I fully understand and respect a member of the press not wanting to reveal their sources. But with the legal terrain unclear on the scope and limitations of a reporters privilege, especially in relation to the protection of sources, shouldn’t everyone wait to find out what exactly was the motivation for the subpoena before “calling into question the ethics of those running the country?” Because to me, Gary Pruitt sounds an awful lot like Darrell Issa right now.

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