Man of Steel: So Awful, Superman Returns Seems Great …

Just back from Man of Steel, a film I desperately wanted to see. Sure, it received mixed reviews. Sure, I’d been warned. But, hey, I’m a superhero guy. Really, a Superman guy. Had to go.

I went.

It sucked.

I’m being blunt—this was, without much debate, the worst superhero movie I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen Superman III, Superman IV, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, on and on and on.

Why? Let’s count the ways:

1. The story: Superman: The Movie, arguably the greatest of all superhero films, sticks precisely to the Superman storyline. Born on another planet, sent to earth when said planet dies, has amazing skills, allergic to Kryptonite, horrible enemy in Lex Luthor, etc … etc. Man of Steel, eh, not so much. The story gives us Superman’s birth, his trip to earth, the Kents, Kansas, etc. But it jumps ALL over the place. Then, when General Zod comes to earth, the whole thing falls apart. There’s this annoying, sorta-impossible-to-follow narrative of how Zod and his evil buddies got here because of the explosion and searching other planets and blah blah blah—but the whole thing is forced, stupid, irksome and relatively inexplicable. I’m still not 100-percent sure why Zod had this fleet of ships … and I don’t particularly care.

2. The wink-wink. The beauty—absolute beauty—of Christopher Reeve as Superman was that he managed to somehow take the role seriously, but also sorta kinda laugh at himself. I can’t explain this so well, but Reeve’s performances offered big doses of physical comedy. Especially as Clark, where he bumbled and fumbled and gee and goshed his way through scenes, but did so with a unique believability. Yes, Superman was courageous and powerful and Christ-like. But he was also flawed and nerdy.

I don’t blame Henry Cavill, the actor who played Superman in the new flick, for lacking Reeve’s charm—because he wasn’t given the opportunity. Here, Clark/Superman is resorted to plain talk, some moping about his lot in life and lots of listening as Kevin Costner spews off life lessons. There was no relating with Superman, because he was a piece of wood in a suit.

3. Special effects: Man of Steel features special effects. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of special effects. They’re bright and big and bold and  … and ruinous. The fights are blurs. The spaceships looks like they fell off the Tranformers lot. You never really know who’s winning vs. who’s losing. Yes, there are a few OK scenes—Clark (as a boy) saving a school bus; Clark (as a young man) saving guys on a ship. But, for as terrible as many found Superman Returns to be (and it’s f-a-r better than Man of Steel), it at least had one truly dazzling moment—the airplane rescue. Man of Steel—nothing.

4. Amy Adams: OK, Adams is one of the top female actresses out there. Enchanted—wonderful. The Fighter—off the charts. Here, however, she was painfully bad. Perhaps it was more material than acting, but her Lois Lane was lacking charm or, well, much of anything. She liked Superman, then loved Superman, then kissed Superman. She always seemed to show up where he was, but character development failed to follow.

I can go on and on and on. The final fight made no sense (if both guys are indestructible, how does Superman snap Zod’s neck?). The Laurence Fishburne moments are brutal. Superman’s costume is contrived. There’s too little respect paid to the true origin of the character.

In short, this film was awful.

Grade: F-

Me during finals moments of Man of Steel. Desperately wanting to leave …

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  1. I like that the studio let the story take a new direction… I just didn’t like the direction that they took the story.

    It seemed more like a sci-fi movie about aliens and less like a superhero movie. I didn’t enjoy ‘Superman Returns’ because it was the exact same movie as the original ‘Superman’. I didn’t enjoy this movie because there wasn’t enough Superman in it.

  2. Instead of being very, very happy with the movie, I was just optimistic that the sequels will probably expand on this universe and make it even better. Let’s hope that is actually the case. Good review Jeff.

  3. The snapping of the neck drove me nuts. I was numb midway through the movie on the special effects, and using Russell Crowe as a computerized spirit of some sort was annoying.

    I honestly liked Superman Returns, except for the boy being the son of Superman. The airplane scene on the big screen was worth the price of admission in my opinion.

  4. Jeff! I love your work, man, but I couldn’t disagree more with your review of this movie.

    First, this had to be a totally different take than the original, or else, why even make it? It’s not like a new take attempts to strike the original from the record. It is, simply, a new take. If you couldn’t deal with the special effects overload, that’s fair criticism because I think each person has their own individual breaking point with effects. We know they’re fake, so they can only hold up to the eyes for so long.

    But to say Man of Steel wasn’t true to the character ignores everything DC has done with Superman over the past 15-20 years. The script directly lifts from Superman: Birthright, Secret Origin, and Secret Identity. I would give those collections a try. Then, by the time this thing comes out on Blu Ray, maybe you can look at it with fresh eyes. I hope you do because while this movie wasn’t perfect, it had a lot of great things going for it. I love the original movie too, but that movie ignores the fact that Superman is an ALIEN. That’s been a much bigger plot point in all the significant Superman runs in recent years, and rightfully so. Grant Morrison, who wrote arguably the greatest Superman story ever with All-Star Superman, made the character an alien outcast when he took over Action Comics.

    You can dislike the direction, but the filmmakers didn’t take it upon themselves to create the direction. They simply treated the source material as sci-fi, which it absolutely is.

  5. An review like that, just showed me you are blind to movie and history… You’re just criticizing the fact that there’s new actors representing characters so prized by the old fellas that like the C. Reeves films, that you forgot to really see the movie…

    All the facts that happened in the film, have relationship with the original… so then, cut the crap man…

  6. You right… this movie was terrible. I was bored halfway through…why was lois lane everywhere? why were they always ending up at the kent house? why was the picture so damn grey… snorrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. rubbish

  7. All I could do is laugh when I saw the title of this article. Haven’t read it. Just wanted to drop by with you some good news. There’s going to be a sequel. Which means more for failures at life (critics/fanboys) to complain about since that’s what keeps you going.

    1. And you thought this movie was good? Don’t you remember how good movies make you feel? Good movies in this genre: Superman The Movie, Batman Begins, Iron Man. That’s about it. Watch them again as an illustration of how bad MoS is.

  8. I wanted to start a blog to warn the world after wasting my afternoon on this steaming turd, so thank you for saving me the trouble. If you gave this movie 1970s effects, I think people could see more clearly how empty these CGI-fests are. There is no pacing, no thoughtful editing… the directors of these movies have just simply not learned the art of storytelling (Abrams and Nolan excepted).

  9. Great review! Saw this piece of crap last night. How I yearned for Superman 1 and 2 and had wished they would be shown again on the big screen instead of this bomb. What also made the original Superman movies (1 and 2) so great was the musical score of John Williams. I wish I had five hands so I could give Man of Steel five thumbs down!!

  10. I have not seen this movie yet, so I cannot offer my insight on to how it was made. I just needed to post something. You people who are bashing this movie because it was not like the original movie are forgetting the point of making a new take on a character. The point is to do something different. Frankly I would be bored watching a reboot of the original C. Reeves version. As amazing as that movie was, it just should not be redone the same way. It would be an insult to his memory. As far as the filming, they used a hand held camera to give it a more gritty realistic look. As was th point of the whole movie right down to the costume. They tried to make it as realistic as possible and im sorry, but no matter how utterly awesome a real life superman would be, he would look down right laughable with his signature red undies flying around.

    1. Makes you realise that SM Returns was actually good

      Its not because its not like the original, its because its not superman, its just another generic holywood CGI film that happens to have a an calling himself superman in it…as you will see when you actually get to see it. none of the characters are developed into anything you would feek for, theyre all forgetable, interchangable with any other actor. theres no soul to this film, all it feeds to is the mindless numbskulls that like action, theres lots of action but what that ultimately does is makes you null to it. Do you remember the bit in starwars when the xwing gets blown up….yes, will you remember the bit in this where diner gets blown up….which one…was that a building? not sure.. there was lots of shakey cam explosions so much so, you just dismis them as events.

  11. Man of Steel has outgrossed SR by a large margin. Actual Statistics > Random Blogger’s opinion.

    Man of Steel was the best Superman movie since the originals with Reeves. Point Blank. And FYI, Man of Steel was more true to the comic books than Superman Returns. Come on, Superman had a son with Lois Lane? Terrible.

    P.S. the first 25 minutes of MOS trumps and action scene in Superman Returns. Terrible review.

      1. I’m sorry, this film was horrible. Superman The movie with Christopher Reeve is still the best Superman Movie ever. This movie was a joke! Jor-El is dead but he knows where everyone is on the ship and is able to tell Lois Lane where to shoot. They should have called him Jesus-El.

  12. firstly jeff and everyone how many of you can honestly say that you read the comics and how many of you can say the fight scenes were bad they showed exactly the scale of destruction you would get in a superman comic so they were on point there.

    the story line and jumps from present to past were clarks point of view and how each situation reminded him of his growth and development into becoming the man he was thats why they call them flashbacks. it would have been an evenn longer film to watch if they showed him growing up then becoming a superman. even in the comics he takes a journey around the world to hone his skills and understand what he can do until he finally puts on the cape. the Jor-el/russell crowe hologram thing is accurate because jor-el teachs him his kryptonian roots so they had to have that in there.

    the fight scence were brilliant in the fact that it was full on brawling destruction and no pulling punches and the fact someone said they’re indesrtuctible..yes too humans…but to there own kind its just another fight to the death and the fact that zod was going to wipe out the human race shows that clark had to do what he had to do and dont forget the whole fact that he killed this once means its sets him up to his moral code of not ever killing anyone under any circumstance

    if you lot still dont like the movie shut up and go make one yourself an do one better.

  13. I thought that “Man of steel” felt more like a transformers movie, action is good to a degree but there was way to much, while superman returns pull-off superman flights perfectly. Man of steel sucks

  14. half way through I had to make sure this wasn’t directed by Michael Bay or not. I don’t even know where to start, excessive cgi? terrible/corny dialogue (with as little as there was)? the not-so-subtle bombardment of companies advertising their crap? or that THE WHOLE MOVIE DIDNT EVEN MAKE SENSE!

    look, I have no problem in taking an original concept and twisting it a little, I mean look at Iron man 3 and the Mandarin, that was genius! but c’mon guys at least make the movie make sense.

    1. lets freeze dry general zod and his coup while we commit suicide on our planet krypton! yay! oh wait, lets provide him with a space ship and kryptonian baby making machine on his ship so he can conveniently come after Clark and force a plot into this mess of a movie.

    2. the spaceship entrapped in the ice was 20,000 years old!!! did know one else make the connection? Clark is only 30 something in the movie. So what? did his dad send a spaceship 20,000 years ago knowing krypton was doomed? that a lot of time to think on how to save your planet dude.

    3. How does Clark magically find this spaceship? he appears out of no where!(as well as Lois Lane). and a big WTF moment when Lane gets impaled by the security system on the ship. Clark says “I can do things other people cant” no, superman I’m sorry your x-ray vision and heat beam eyes are not the same as jedi force healing, cauterizing a wound that deep and in that spot could quite literally kill you with all that internal bleeding, or at least put you in the hospital for days, not to mention Lois Lane shrugs it off like getting stabbed is going out of style.

    4. To one of the posters above. I have read the comics, yet my opinion is no lesser or greater than anyone who has or hasn’t read them, dont use that as a shield of superiority. In the comics Superman DOES NOT KILL/ ENDANGER CIVILIANS he kills who knows how many people smashing gen. zod into buildings. At least take the fight into a remote area, but the cgi would not be as dramatic then ~sigh~

    5. Superman flies into the gravity field at the end of the movie destroying the spaceship. Another WTF?! moment. It was just mentioned before that those fields would make Superman weaker due to it making more like the planet krypton.

    6. Romance between Clark and Lois, not even debatable sorry…

    7. Killing General Zod? yet another WTF? not only was that scene corny, with the family that doesn’t know how to duck or run, but superman has zod in a choke hold,he could have easily moved that dudes head.

    to save us all time I will not go further into other points of how terrible this movie was as mentioned in my first paragraph, just too many…

    This was poorly made and I really think Henry Cavill would have been awesome if given the chance. I really wanted to like this movie but I couldn’t, so embarrassing

    1. oh yes, and the daily planet being destroyed in the fight with zod, yet superman goes to work in the same building the next day? I’m sorry I could go on and on…I whole-heartedly agree here on how terrible a movie this was Jeff, if not evident by my first post.

  15. Dude seriously, I think u wouldn’t know a great comic film if it slapped u in the face with a used up dildo. This film was great, it took a new direction and it worked. And just because a person cant follow the narrative complexity of the fim doesn’t mean “its all over the place” it just means you’re probably not smart enough to follow. With the characters, the darker storyline, the bone crushing action, it all came together to make a different well thought out superman that the audience has never seen on film. Sure u miss the somewhat comedy or christoper reeve, but lets move on, its been done before, lets introduce a new superman, one that the audience actually cares about. Point A. This is one of the best comic book films I’ve seen in a long time.

    1. I think people in here are saying they did NOT care about this Superman. They did not give me a reason to. The most moving emotional moment is when Jonathan Kent dies. Yet Clark never regrets the moments immediately before that death where he told him he was not his father. That was a wasted opportunity.

  16. I went to see it a second time to make sure that I disliked it as much as I thought I did. Yep. A lot of potential wasted. Unfortunately, if you say you dislike the movie a lot of people will say that you fear change and so forth, but like a lot of fans I actually wanted a new and interesting take on Superman. This was like a bad dream – it’s a bit like they subtracted a lot of the elements that they felt were played out with Superman, but then didn’t add in anything so it felt utterly hollow. It had a couple interesting concepts and scenes and ideas, but they were all ultimately wasted. I didn’t hate it as much as I hated Iron Man 3, though. Incidentally, I actually like Superman III and Green Lantern, so it’s not like I’m incredibly fussy.

  17. It is funny how this back & forth with this movie, “Oh it sucked, oh it was great!”. to be honest with you I think this is where comic book fans went berserk. By the footage and images they were putting out, I was furious. I thought they pissed all over Superman. In time I reluctantly gave it a shot. Much to my surprise, I was blown away. Without getting into too much detail, I wanted to touch on a few things. 1st, Superman’s persona: Okay, he wasn’t warm & fuzzy. If you really think about it, why would a suppressed super being be so bright & jipper? Too me, that felt more like a real attitude to have growing up. 2nd, direction: Clearly this was going to be an origin story & you can’t expect it to be what the original was. I & II are forever classics, no doubt, & Christopher is the bar no matter who they get to play him. He may the best adaptation of a superhero EVER, so being so judgmental isn’t really fair is it? 3rd, Superman kills?!: Hold on, REALLY, Superman has great principles, one of which he does not kill. Okay, I am sure most Americans has that philosophy (I hope). And I am sure if you had to, you had no other choice, you will do what you have to in the name of your family or some others family. It is called sacrifice, that is what a superhero is all about, they sacrifice their lives as well as the principles if it saving lives hanging in the balance. One thing that was commented above: How does a neck snap kill a super being? ….It was super versus super. If anyone remembers in the comic where Superman died. After a grueling fight with Doomsday, he was dealt a bone filled uppercut & apparently was enough to kill him. Being so critical over a film really ruins the experience. Kind of like trying that one true love that has died. Sometimes you can’t get it back, so it might be best trying to enjoy what has been given.

  18. Worst super hero movie ever??? Really? Really? You need to get off ur campy 1970’s soap box. Best superman movie ever. Most realistic super hero film I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for the sequel. All u butt hurt Reeve fans need to get over yourselves

    1. Dude, forget the 1970’s. I despise this film because it’s the worse than any superhero film I’ve seen so far in the 21st century. It’s just a complete turd.

  19. Man of steel was bloody awful. Screenplay was garbage, and they miscast every single character, especially Superman. And now they have miscast Bruce Wayne/ Batman for the sequel. What a turd that one is going to be.

    Man Of Steel. Part two (or is it poo?)

    1. Lois Lane was severely miscast. Amy Adams is a good actress but c’mon there was so many other Lois Lanes. And try to get a brunette please?

      I disagree on Henry Cavill though. He seemed like a pretty good fit, he was just given a terrible script.

  20. Couldn’t agree more. Man of Steel was terrible. I just watched it and I was seriously bored. Krypton became a planet that looked very much like the volcanic planet in Star Wars Episode 3. Jor-El riding on a dragon creature, which brought to mind Star Wars Episode 2 and Avatar. The stupid silly putty simulations which were intended to visually explain who the Kryptonians were and what they did. Lame. Russell Crowe missed the mark as Jor-El. The final fight scene was dragged out way too long. And, overall the movie didn’t seem to have any heart or soul. There was a dude with a cape flying around, he fought bad guys, but I never saw Superman. Snyder is a terrible director and it’s starting to show.

  21. Fuck the old Superman movies. They are all almost 100 percent garbage. Reeves and Brando were alright and the krypton stuff was cool. Otherwise it was a campy movie with shitty portrayals of most of the characters. Easily the worst incarnation of Lex we will ever see. Real estate scheme? Give me a fucking break. You fools are so beholden to that crap you can’t see past it. There was very little wrong with man of steel and got way more of right then those stupid movies ever did. As far as Returns? Yeah, I love my Superman to star in a chick flick with him as a creepy depressed stalker who only lifts things and has a fucking kid (which makes no sense for you people who adore the Superman 2). Man of Steel had great action, great soundtrack, great acting and was a great origin story. Sorry it didn’t have a bunch of crystals, bad effects, moronic sidekicks and a backwards spinning earth for you. Talk about a retarded ending. Yeah, there was a lot of CG. It’s called modern fucking movie making. It’s just so much worse then a guy flying around on a fucking shitty harness right? People complaining that it was too dark. It wasn’t dark you dumb asses, it just wasn’t full of slapstick bullshit you so fondly remember from the originals. You guys probably think the 60’s Batman show was probably superior to the Dark Knight as well. And get over the Zod killing. I bet none of you were bitching about it in Superman 2. I guess it’s just ok when Reeves did it. And no, I’m not a 12 year old who doesn’t remember the original. I just know a shit movie when I see it. Worst thing Singer did was connect his to that crap.

  22. I saw this last night via OnDemand and thought I would chime in. I liked what they did on krypton, but the rest of the movie should have been called ZOD.

    yes, they had some stuff to explain why Clark feels alone and his development. However, the big reveal was NOT Superman is here. The big reveal was ZOD COMING TO EARTH – and that is one of the things wrong with the film.

    If ZOD arrives after Clark has his coming out moment, the film works much better. In Batman and Batman Begins there is the seminal moment where Bats says … “I’m Batman.”

    Would it have hurt the producers to show the Big Blue Boy pulling back his shirt and showing the audience the S.
    The movie was not fun to me. I can take Cavill in the lead I guess, but Amy Adams was horribly miscast as Lois and I thought they had no chemistry. Laurence Fishburne who I usually enjoy seems to have been cast so they can say they have an African-American in there. He did nothing also.
    The movie lacked charm and appeal.
    I didn’t care about any one in the film at all. I didn’t root for Superman at all and the leaps of logic even in this flying world were amazing. There was one utterly stupid moment, the guy who smashed the government drone because he does not want them knowing who he is … then says “I WAS RAISED IN KANSAS.” After that, it would take them about 24 hours of conversations before they figured out it was Clark Kent.

    1. Also I would say obviously nothing beats Superman I with Christopher Reeve, but the plane in Superman Returns was far better and much more entertaining than anything in this flick. People stood and cheered after that scene when I saw that movie – there was no scene worth cheering for here.

  23. Just watched this film. It is awful for a multitude of reasons, which is sad because it began fantastically, but quickly declined. Superman has always been about Clark learning how to become more, which this movie passes over like a side note. I could deal with this it has been done so many times before but unfortunately it is followed by half cocked dialogue (it is definitely the script, since many of the actors in this film have proven to be great in other films), a superman that causes hundreds if not thousands of deaths through carelessness during fights, fights littered with poorly paced CGI that looks terrible and that are peppered with product placement, villains who are not fleshed out of developed well though they easily could be (Zod begins to grow on you by the end as they explore his inability to not act for the benefit on Krypton), and it is capped off by Kal El killing and individual directly and deliberately which pretty much goes against the whole idea of Superman being the Christ-like benevolent character he is and should be. With that last scene they take away what makes Superman what he is, they take away his greatest strength, and they take away what is sometimes his greatest weakness which his compassion for all, whether they deserve it or not. This would seem to be an acceptable, and terribly emotional, acne at the end of a series of movies, one where Superman has to sacrifice his own benevolence for a greater good. Instead it is forced on us with an undeveloped character, that has hardly been shown to cover this benevolent nonviolence, who let his own father die to protect his identity but saved some oil workers, etc etc etc. The list, and subsequent, inconsistencies go on and on and are to painful for me to enjoy this film. All the best to those of you who can find enjoyment and something to take from this film, truly I am glad. For me though, this just isn’t what I want Superman to be, whether I am influenced by nostalgia or not. If you want to gain a true appreciation and relationship with Superman, Kal El, and Clark Kent go watch Smallville, every episode of it, and then come tell me that CGI, incessant punch throwing, and a huge budget really made this movie worth any of my, or your, time!

  24. Superman Returns is a better SUPERMAN movie than Man of Steel, 3 flaws that ruined MOS though its still a good movie but Lois learning Superman’s Clark before he’s even Superman officially just plain sucked, couldn’t they wait a bit for a sequel for that? 2- Perry White coming from The Matrix :p A lot felt like Matrix on Krypton, so having the dude from Matrix in it as well was total wrong casting. 3- No Superman score, I still cannot remember the MOS score for the life of me, even watching the movie twice and no memorable Supes score is a bad thing and just felt like there was no Superman magic in the whole picture. Loved Cavil as Superman but it felt too NEW 52 which isn’t that great either, can’t beat classic DC Universe 😉

    Would like to point out Returns had flaws too, like the damn Super Kid and yes no punch but at least it didn’t feel like a Michael Bay disaster movie and no way would Superman put anyone in danger like that, no way. Also Jor-El walking about as Crowe wasn’t that great either compared to the Brando one, just no magic, was expecting a lot more, much more, I totally love Watchmen!

  25. Like SR, it is undone by its compromises to apparently either the director’s or the studio’s vision. MOS has the action, SR had more emotion and a slightly more understandable plot. BTW, am I the first to notice–both Lex and Zod want real estate.

  26. The movie wasn’t made to be a comic adaptation. It was made to depict a Superman who isn’t perfect; who makes mistakes. It was made to inspire us. The idea of Man of Steel was that we all have something great hidden inside of us. I understand you may not have understood this message while watching the film, but saying “I didn’t enjoy it” is much less disrespectful than saying “it’s a bad movie,” and making petty jokes to go along with your rant-like article is childish.

    1. it was a horrible movie, Man of Steel. Somehow tedious, i can’t even begin to name all of its flaws. But lastly, as someone pointed out, the end of the movie features the good guy and bad guys beating the CRAP out of each other physically, yet somehow has Superman snap Zod’s neck. And i like the actor who played Zod, but he was miscast in this part. Either that or directed poorly. This was just a bad, bad, bad movie.

  27. Man Of Steel was an over hyped, over priced, seizure inducing special effects crap fest. It was…So bad. Christopher Reeve will always be the definitive Superman. This younger, “Oooo look shiny”, generation who think this latest bastardized incarnation was awesome are all clueless & worse yet, they’re all clueless to their own cluelessness at their poor taste.
    Now they’re digging in & preparing to continue this trend of cinematic crappiness by carrying it over into the sequel.
    At least knowing now what to expect, I know too that I wont be wasting my money on the next one.

      1. Funny, because MOS had more expository dialogue than the hokiest films of the 30s post Hayes code. It was so bad they repeated it in the second act. Kal-El spent his whole life as a smelly Emo lumberjack wandering around like a homeless Bill Bixby. Everything in the film was on the level of an ancient bottom of the barrel studio that couldn’t afford an editor.

      2. Right, unlike Man of Steel, which retells a story from 1938, and is 50 times worse than a movie made about it in 1978. Looking like a 2013 video game doesn’t mean it’s any good.

  28. Am i the first not trying to follow a trend and be just like my heros (the critics). bunch of lame ass fakes homie. this movie was amazing! sure it had its flaws but i didnt go to the theater to deplict its flaws, I mean who does that unless your a fukn critic. Sit the fuk down and enjoy the movie!! get off of christopher reeves nuts already ppl!! god damn!! Superman will never be the superman of the 70’s? you guys wanna watch some gay ass shit go watch the notebook on bluray you fuken fairys! i wanna see superman like i would see him in the animated series. Fuking shit up! you fuken faggots

  29. Like you I am a Supermanguy, been one for 50 years, and I wantedto see a great Superman movie better then Reeve. I am still waiting. what a disappointment and I hate the suit (too much blue). I think that Henry Cavill would have been a good Superman, same for Amy Adams as Lois, if only the writers and director were good. You are right about the movie, you hit the nail on the head.

    1. I do not think there will ever be a Superman movie better than the Reeve films. Hollywood had an opportunity to make a better Superman with Tom Welling but for whatever reason did not want to make a TV show into a movie. I think Welling is probably the most qualified actor to portray Superman in every way. Its too bad we only saw a small glimpse of him as Superman on the Smallville finale.

  30. Wow did you even watch the movie or just you did to look like you know what you are talking about. Zod escaped when Kyptron exploded. Not to hard to figure out since the planet powered the ship. Then they changed the core of the ship and went to out posts to gather ships and weapons again clearly stated in the movie.
    Then you say Superman Returns is a better movie what? In Returns, superman is selfish and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He leaves for 5 years because he wants to know where he came from and whatever. Then 5 years later comes back and expects Lois and everyone else to still care about him. Really? Why should they? He left. Also in Returns how does Superman deal with being able to hear everything on earth? He flies into space and like a selfish self obsessed jerk listens to everything and does nothing. Real great superhero. Then when he comes down to earth he spies on Lois. again great superhero.
    Then we have the ‘worlds smartest man, Lex Lurther. He is so smart in the movie he calles Prometheus the god of fire! He was a Titan! His plan was to kill millions to make billions of real estate. Really? When did millions of people die? And I am very positive even a mountain goat would have a hard time calling that island home.
    Now in Man of Steel we have a Superman who through his earth parents learns to control his powers and use them to help people. the scene where Clark is in school and freaks out cause he hears everything and goes into the closet shows that. He is also torn as to if he should save people and risk exposing himself or if he should just leave it. The school bus, oil rig, restaurant and tornado scenes show Clark’s struggles to deal with his power. Now sure Returns wasn’t an origin like Man of Steel but it had the story of one.
    As for the final fight which some people have talked about i think it makes sense. All of the fight scenes in the movie are Superman’s first time fighting ever. He is young and I don’t think truly realizes what he can do or doesn’t realize what happens after the fights. By the end he does. When he has Zod by the throat he finally realizes the city is destroyed and he is to blame for all of it. If he lets Zod go he will kill everyone as he said he would. The family will die and not only that who will stop him? Nothing on earth can stop Zod so he kills him to end it. I get what people say oh all the crap they did to each other and nothing but breaking his neck kills him? Don’t forget Zod was wearing armour and most of the fight was exaggerated punches and kicks nothing focused like snapping his neck. Also the scene shows Superman building up his strength to make the snap and Zod was helpless to defend it or counter it.

    I am not saying it was a perfect movie by any means but worst comic book movie ever really? Not even close. It had a solid origin story, made Superman not a selfish jerk like in other movies, made him realize through his own experiences what his responsibility is on earth is and a solid bad guy who isn’t just some clown. But what do I know about movies. I hate every Transformers movie yet they have all made billions of dollars.

    1. I thought the Reeve Superman was far better than the Cavill Superman. Honestly we do not know if Cavill’s Superman really does care about people, after all, half of Metropolis gets destroyed when he fights Zod, and I do not understand that he snaps Zod’s neck to save one family when its already implied that thousands of people have died.
      For me it seems like Christopher Nolan’s involvement in this film was a very bad idea, he was great for Batman, which is a darker character but Superman is different.
      The problem with Superman Returns was that Superman was just too soft. Its kind of interesting that both movies have similar storylines. In Superman Returns, Lex Luthor tries to turn the Earth into Krypton and in Man of Steel Zod tries to turn Earth into Krypton as well.
      The part of Man of Steel where Clark listens to his dad not to save him made me wonder. He had the ability to save his father’s life but did not because it would have exposed him. In the Reeve movie, Clark’s father has a heart attack and Superman learns that he is not a God. The bad part was that Man of Steel did not have more scenes like that, instead it was non stop action and had a very dark mood.

  31. Man of Steel is one of the most disappointing reboots of a comic book character ever. I think it was going to fail mostly because of Zack Snyder, his films tend to be very stylish and lack emotion, if you have seen movies like 300 and Watchmen, you can see Man of Steel inherited this overstylized type of story. There was no emotion in the film, you could not connect with Superman or any of the characters. They also decided to focus on the fact that he is an alien, rather than a “special” guest as he is usually portrayed in the Reeve and Routh films.
    Its even more shocking that they are now working on a sequel featuring Batman being portrayed by Ben Affleck. I heard the studio tried to convince Christian Bale to appear in the movie offering him millions of dollars, but Bale smartly turned it down.
    I also think Christopher Nolan’s involvement was also a negative for the movie, Nolan’s interpretation of Batman was brilliant but Superman is a “lighter” character. Superman is supposed to be an optimistic character not a brooding, depressed loner with bipolar disorder (which is Batman).
    Superman Returns was indeed better than Man of Steel but that is not saying much. The problem with Superman Returns is that it went too far in the other direction being too soft, and that filmed continued off of Superman 2 (disregarding the events of Superman 3 and 4). That was basically Hollywood’s attempt to make a Christopher Reeve Superman film without Reeve and play on the public’s fond memories of Reeve.
    I really wonder why Tom Welling was totally disregarded for a big screen Superman, he was great in Smallville, and a big screen Superman with Welling would have been a great reboot of the character for the 21st century.
    This just proves that Hollywood today is run by a bunch of morons, no wonder there is nothing entertaining in the movies or on television these days.
    Its really sad that the “current generation” actually thinks the current crop of “films” are quality entertainment. It just proves that people can go backwards in their thinking.

  32. now we all have big full hd even 4k 3d tvs some have a full hd beamer etc
    and what are they giving us our greatest hero in poor noisy almost black and white movie,with ton of action no story………and again the absence of collar flat poor heck almost the whole movie is in grey wast out collar

    might as well trough my tv away if they contineu this with the sequels and vs batman my god

  33. Watched it in the movie’s when it came out and thought it was really, really, bad. Then watched it on TV last night and wow, it really was crap. Pretty much destroyed everything that Super Man was. MOS was a disorganized mess of a story.

  34. O wow this movie is the worst wreckage of scenes i have ever witnessed. the movie is actually very good for the first 20 mins or so , showing the whole scene on Kripton in a new way with special effects. But as soon as young superman ship reaches earth the movie all of sudden becomes this confusing wreckage of scenes that are totally disconnected. the story line becomes way overly hurried and makes no sense at all. I cant imagine how they ever thought this could be something people would watch. they should have slated for at least 2 movies and taken there time and just done the story. this movie is so bad i could not even justify giving it a 2 on a scale from one to 10. the words horrible and awful cant describe how bad it it.
    Went back and watched the old Superman movies with Chris Reeves, they are far and away better. But seriously with superman its like, been there and done that so many times ….cant they think of anything original?

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