Luving Life at Luv Burger

aprilSo we’re visiting Costa Rica, an amazing little Central American nation with myriad animals, beautiful landscapes, sweet fruit, lovely people—and m-a-n-y insects of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Yesterday afternoon we were walking through Samara, a small coastal town, when I entered a shop named Luv Burger. There were two women behind the counter. One was Costa Rican, and spoke little English. The other was Canadian, and spoke no (like, zero) Spanish. Her name was April Furanna. She was 34.

She’s my new role model.

I asked April why, oh why, would a Canadian woman (she’s from Ontario) move to a nation where the primary language is one she doesn’t understand. Her quote: “My husband told me he didn’t want to be married to me any longer. So I started something new.”

April had a friend living in Samara; a friend who owned Luv Burger. She called, asked, “Can I live with you and help with the store?” Yes, she could. So—she did. Which, if you think about it, is pretty fucking amazing. It’s the sorta thing I admire; the sorta thing too many of us never think to do.

Sitting here at age 41, I’m beginning to really see how life just zips by. Birth—zip—end. And yet, too often we act as if we’re gonna be around forever. We hold jobs we hate, just because, well, uh, hmmm, yeah. We date people we’ve grown tired of, because it’s convenience and easier than breaking up. We work through vacations; we stop smelling the flowers, seeing the bright lights, riding the fast roller coasters. We slog.

Then we die.

April Furanna refused to do this. Her life was given a jolt, she jolted back.

5 thoughts on “Luving Life at Luv Burger”

  1. April is my niece and I am very proud of her for packing up and trying something new. Although I (and the family) miss her terribly, we also realize this was something sh had to do. There were times in my life that I could have tried something different but I never did. There are some regrets about that but other things came and were wonderful as well. I think that April is a strong woman and a great role model for her younger family members and all people everywhere. We love her deeply and can’t wait to go visit.

  2. So, I hope you bought something at Luv Burger, and didn’t sit in the corner nursing a coffee for six hours while you were “working”. And where’s the pic of the bathroom? Just kidding, enjoy the vacation.

  3. By the way, good for April. I don’t think we opt not to make choices in life because of laziness, or inconvenience, as much as we’re afraid to. Afraid of the consequences, afraid of the unknown, afraid of tomorrow. Afraid of the “buts” and “what ifs”. The sad thing is, at the end of a life, we play the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda” game and always come up the loser.

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