Rob Astorino: My new least-favorite politician …

Hi, I'm Rob Astorino. Truth ain't my thing.
Hi, I’m Rob Astorino. Truth ain’t my thing.

I live in New Rochelle, N.Y. My city’s mayor is a man named Noam Bramson.

Some here think Noam is fantastic.

Others here think Noam isn’t fantastic.

Such is how it works in local politics. There are plenty of pieces of data and information to support both sides. And, even though I’m a supporter of the man, I get the criticisms; I understand there are always multiple angles to view. I see progress, you see nonsense. I see a leader, you see a follower. It’s the way things work, and I have no problem with people passionately stating their cases. Even when I disagree.

All I want (and I truly mean this) is honesty.

Which leads me to the upcoming election for the position of Westchester County Executive …

Noam, my town’s mayor, is running against Rob Astorino, the incumbent. Bramson is a Democrat, Astorino is a Republican. Though I’m quite liberal, in past local elections I’ve actually supported GOP candidates. To me, when we’re talking garbage pick up and emergency response and schools and public works and the like, it’s about the most qualified person, not party affiliation.

Astorino’s campaign, however, has been so nasty … so gross … so overstuffed with, well, bullshit—I’m beyond disgusted (the local newspaper has covered this well). Over the past few months, Astorino has accused Bramson of giving himself a raise giving himself a free car and giving himself health care for life. All three claims are, factually, false. No, not just false. Lies. Astorino has also repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly maintained Bramson raised the sales tax. Again, incorrect—the rate is the same as when he took office. And Astorino says Bramson raised sewer and library taxes—neither of which the city controls.

These aren’t two men running for the presidency. Or congress. It’s a local election, and (admittedly, I’m naive here) it’s supposed to be somewhat cordial and decent and issue-centric.

Rob Astorino, however, has taken us to the gutter.

I’m beyond irked.

I’m offended.