Calling GOP bullshit

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 12.50.24 AMI have not always been in love with Barack Obama.

I’ve often found his presidency frustrating, agitating, irksome. On occasion, I’ve found it incompetent. Aloof. Arrogant.

When I’ve ripped him, my liberal friends have tended to say, “Hey, don’t you think he’s great?” To which I’ve occasionally replied, “Nope. Not today.”

Today, I consider Barack Obama to be great.

I hate that the government is about to shut down. I hate that people are about to lose their paychecks. I hate everything about it. It’s sad, shameful, unfortunate, pathetic, hurtful. But it is not—in any way, shape or form—the fault of the president.

I was thinking about the whole mess this morning, and here is what I came up with …

Me: I want Yankee Stadium torn down because I hate it.

Yankees: Uh, we’re not tearing down Yankee Stadium.

Me: Well, if you don’t tear down Yankee Stadium, I’m going to burn the houses of my 10 closest neighbors.

Yankees: I’m sorry, but we’re not tearing down Yankee Stadium.

Me: You see, neighbors! The Yankees want your houses burned down! They won’t even negotiate!

In this case, “Me” is the Republicans. The Affordable Care Act is law. It was passed into law, then allowed to remain as law by the Supreme Court. It exists, has existed for several years, and will continue to exist. It’s fully funded, even with the government shutdown.

In other words, the Republican Party is demanding the demolition of Yankee Stadium as a negotiating ploy—then blaming the Yankees when the stadium remains standing. They’re not debating (as politicians rightly do) the merit of potential legislation. No, they’re fighting to overturn an established law that is about to be fully implemented. There is absolutely, positively no precedence for this, and certainly no precedence for the GOP’s ludicrous bullshit effort to pin the shutdown on the president. It’s staggering.

I know people are split on ACA. Some love the idea. Some loathe it. Fine. No worries. What I don’t get are those people who believe in what the GOP is doing; who believe a law that’s about the provide millions of uninsured with health coverage should be squashed, pre-exchange. Hell, why not see what happens? Maybe, just maybe, it’s a tremendous success. Maybe we all love it. Or, perhaps, it fails. It sucks. It’s awful.

I guess either result is possible. But we’re here, in the now. Why not at least see the results?

One more thing. Ted Cruz sucks. I mean, he really sucks. I’m sick of hearing how intelligent and dashing this dolt is. Did anyone see him on Meet the Press the other day? Brutally bad. He actually sorta reminds me of Al Sharpton, in the way he hides his all-about-me-ness behind calls for social action. Cruz keeps talking, talking, talking how the American people are behind him—and it’s not true. It’s just not. Sheesh. Ego—it’s a bitch.

10 thoughts on “Calling GOP bullshit”

  1. That is a pretty piss poor analogy. True it is currently the law but are laws not allowed to be amended or even repealed? Just because this pile of crap was passed does not mean that it should not be modified to fix glaring problems with it.

    If you would follow the story, the GOP is now simply requesting that the “Law” be equally applied. If it is so great why can/has the commander in chief provided all of these exemptions?

      1. Greg, don’t be like that. Unlike you, apparently, I don’t sit by my laptop 24/7, just waiting to approve comments. Everyone has a voice here. Even misguided and foolish ones. 🙂

    1. Of course laws may be amended or repealed. There are Constitutional procedures that must be followed that permit that. Demanding that a law be defunded “or else” to get rid of it is not one of those procedures. The GOP is not “simply requesting” anything; it is engaged in behavior that can only be called extortion: give us what we want or we will hurt you, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, or economically. The problem is, it is people in this country that are being hurt, not the President. The Republican Tea Party couldn’t care less about those whose lives are being impacted. All that matters to them is ideology, and the next election.

  2. Sound analogy. We had a chance to elect a new President that vowed to repeal this law on day 1. He lost. Elections should count. Get back to work & try again in 2016.

  3. The only thing a Federal Government shutdown really does is screw over the little guy. People cannot visit National Parks, museums, etc. Joe Schmoe federal worker eventually will go without pay. All because politicians are more interested in sound bites and appearances than actually governing. My daughter’s school was scheduled to be visited tomorrow by a Holocaust survivor, but since the person is a volunteer through the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, she will not be allowed to do a visit due to the shutdown. Mind you, this person is a volunteer. Utterly ridiculous.

    1. What’s ridiculous is a volunteer can’t come to talk to the class because of the shutdown. 800 thousand non-essential workers effected. All will be paid after this is over, just like every other time, 16 since 76′. Total manufactured crisis that could have been avoided if the senate would have removed the exemption for themselves or large corporations they have granted from obamacare. The only people fretting are the gullible saps that watch the obama media machine churn out this bs.

  4. The GOP is a bag of d*cks, but I fail to see why that makes Barack Obama “great.” He’s war-mongering, civil liberties-violating, corporate welfare-supporting trash. Pretend for a second that he doesn’t have a “D” next to his name, and then judge him.

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