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Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.21.24 AMJeannie McBride is Christian. It says so above, on her Twitter profile. First thing, actually. Right there. Right above. See?

Earlier today, Jeannie and I went back and forth on Obamacare. She (shocker) is against it. I’m pretty much for it (not a perfect system, obviously, but far superior to what we have). We had a small exchange, then moved on.

Until … this …

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.44.22 AMJeannie McBride, Christian, placed me on her “Assholes” list. Literally, I’m right there, alongside the likes of Jason Biggs (asshole!), Rick Lundstrom (asshole!), Lizz Winstead (asshole!) and some guy named Dreezy (asshole!). And, perhaps Jeannie McBride is correct. Perhaps we’re all assholes. Dickheads. Mofos. Perhaps we’re all the worst people in the world, while McBride’s personal heroes (Rush, Hannity, etc …) are Christ reincarnations.

Maybe, just, maybe, Jeannie McBride is right.

What continues to confuse me and baffle me and perplex me, however, are the number of self-professed “Christians” who not only hate the idea of providing health coverage for those who can’t afford it, but feel the need to define those who disagree with words like, well, “asshole.” I’m an asshole because we disagree? I’m an asshole because I don’t buy your take?



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  1. She and all these other ‘Christians’ must have missed the multitude of stories of the bible when Jesus tells his followers to care for the weak, the poor, those less fortunate than you, etc. Love and compassion for others seems completely void for them. Picking and choosing from the bible’s teachings sure is easy and convenient!

    WWJD, indeed.

  2. As a Christian myself, I find her attitude (which is shared by too many of my fellow Christian brethren) perplexing. The driving force of the ideology she seems to be following is that the only way to help someone less fortunate is to shun them and make them pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. At the university where I work, there is a statue of the good samaritan. I pass by it every day, and I wonder why I can see it, but seemingly so many others can’t.

  3. This story is disappointing and I agree with your assessment. I am a Christian who enjoys your writing but probably disagrees with most of your opinions not related to sports. Call me evangelical, conservative, not right wing. Agree that people should have access to healthcare but don’t agree with the way the government is setting it up. I listened to Hannity and Rush in the past but they are too arrogant now. I don’t like how people categorize conservatives and belittle them but refuse to look at their own viewpoints and realize they may be flawed and their leaders may not have the purest of intentions.

  4. I read this blog post and recalled a line from one of the hymns we sang in parochial school: ” whatever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”.

    It seems like a fair percentage of conservative Christians have forgotten this message. I’m always disappointed when grown adults choose cruelty over kindness.

  5. She is obviously a christain in name only, and an asshole to boot. This country has the best healthcare system in the world, by far, and the affordable care act will ruin that. Eight years ago I found out what a scam global warming was, and now anyone who can look at it objectively agrees. Even the UN has to make up crap about how the “heat”, which hasn’t occurred in 15 years, is hiding at the bottom of the ocean. Eight years from now we will all be on a single payer plan run by the government, just like the DMV but instead of drivers licenses we will be dealing with the government about our kids health. The bronze plan costs three times more than what I pay now for 60% of the coverage. That won’t be going down. Vladmir Lenin said “socialized medicine is the keystone to the socialist state”.
    We are all fucked.

  6. Wow, Doug just turned my entire belief system upside down. Well-played sir…your facts and logics are impeccable and devastating to my worldview.

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