The Christian Tweeter

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.21.24 AMJeannie McBride is Christian. It says so above, on her Twitter profile. First thing, actually. Right there. Right above. See?

Earlier today, Jeannie and I went back and forth on Obamacare. She (shocker) is against it. I’m pretty much for it (not a perfect system, obviously, but far superior to what we have). We had a small exchange, then moved on.

Until … this …

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.44.22 AMJeannie McBride, Christian, placed me on her “Assholes” list. Literally, I’m right there, alongside the likes of Jason Biggs (asshole!), Rick Lundstrom (asshole!), Lizz Winstead (asshole!) and some guy named Dreezy (asshole!). And, perhaps Jeannie McBride is correct. Perhaps we’re all assholes. Dickheads. Mofos. Perhaps we’re all the worst people in the world, while McBride’s personal heroes (Rush, Hannity, etc …) are Christ reincarnations.

Maybe, just, maybe, Jeannie McBride is right.

What continues to confuse me and baffle me and perplex me, however, are the number of self-professed “Christians” who not only hate the idea of providing health coverage for those who can’t afford it, but feel the need to define those who disagree with words like, well, “asshole.” I’m an asshole because we disagree? I’m an asshole because I don’t buy your take?