Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.05.56 PMToday was a funky one.

Thanks to the kind people at The Score, I’m now the owner of a podcast—The Quazcast. It’ll be a weekly Q&A with someone relating in some way to sports. Random people. Random questions. Random insights. The goal, really, is to bring the spirit of The Quaz to The Quazcast. Hope I can do it well.

Here’s the link to the iTunes page. It’s free.

The truth is, I just love talking to people. But not about sports, per se. I don’t really care what someone was thinking when he drove in the winning run against so and so on such and such day. I don’t want to know what Derek Jeter was like. Or why you dropped your elbow while shooting free throw. No, no, no—I’m interested in the thoughts within the thoughts within the thoughts. No cliches, no bullshit. Just details that rivet me. And, hopefully, rivet you, too.

If you have any people to suggest, hit me up at anngold22@gmail.com.

Thanks. And all/any feedback appreciated. I’m a rookie.



2 thoughts on “Quazcast”

  1. Jeff, your great journalistic style comes through immediately when talking to Shawn Green. It was the unique questions about his career and baseball life that has me anticipating Fred Claire and his lengthy baseball career.

    The one concern I have is your amazing ability to stop the pouring rain! Everytime Green would speak, it sounded as if he was in a rainforest but when you spoke, the rain would cease to exsist. It is something you admitted to knowing you had to fix but was annoying.

    Overall, your journalism background will make for great discussion but your journalistic habit of supporting what is being said with “sure” or “uh-huh” will need to be cleaned up because it’s sort of annoying.

    All-in-all, really enjoyed the unique questioning and pursuit of the unique, makes for a great listen.

    Ed Raue
    Wauwatosa, WI

    1. Thanks, Ed. Agree 100% with the “sure” and “uh-huh.” Listened myself, felt the same way. The habits on in-person story reporting are hard to break.

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