The Showtime Contest of Love …

… or something like that.

Last night, on Twitter, I promised a contest unlike any I’ve done before. With Showtime dropping 3.4, I wanted to get quirky and inventive and weird. So, here you go …

2 thoughts on “The Showtime Contest of Love …”

  1. For a Lakers home game put a copy of Showtime on every seat (or first 1,000 in the door, etc.) so sad Lakers fans can relive the dynasty days.

  2. Of course to be Creative there are so many things to do from Book signings,cocktail partys,giveaways just to catch peoples attention but budget plays a big part in promoting, offer free tickets to a laker game or any game for that matter cause Sports/NBA are worldwide but you being a great writer should be heard worldwide maybe put free tickets in a book ,Me being a father I end up spending a lot of money on my kids from just going to events for them to have something to do, so another way maybe get and old player to sign autographs.

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