The end of an era (for me)

corinthians_tramp_stamp1I started this website six years ago.

I viewed it as a place to vent and moan and complain and celebrate. I didn’t have expectations of an audience, or of an impact—and, for the most part, I still don’t. You can’t blog about dirty toilets and bloody shits and ugly moles and wrist warts and hope to own the Internet.

And yet … I love it here. This is my diary, and it serves me well. There are no editors hanging over me, and no one (besides, on occasion, the wife) screaming, “You can’t write that!” I say what I want, and pretend people are listening. Sometimes they even are.

Long story short: This is the final post on as you know it. Starting this weekend, there’ will be a new format, a new design, some new features. I’ll still write about toilets and warts—just with a fresh look.

I digress. I wanted to use this post to acknowledge Meghan Scott, the original designer of I know, these days, the site looks dated, and it doesn’t adapt to mobile devices. But when I hired Meghan (for, I believe, $500) in 2008, her work was awesome. She was always available for questions, assistance … anything.

Then, one day, she vanished. Literally, I haven’t heard from Meghan in more than two years. Another person she designed for asked me once, “Where did Meghan go?” I shook my head. I’ve looked and looked—but, nothing. Out of the business.

I’ll always be grateful.

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4 thoughts on “The end of an era (for me)”

  1. As a daily visitor to your sight I was a little freaked out when I read the title of your post. Thankfully, you are just updating the look of the site (whew!) I look forward to the new look and hopefully it looks better on my phone.

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