Olbermann and Nail Polish

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True story: Two nights ago my daughter Casey (age 10) painted my fingernails. She enjoys doing this: A. Because I’m the only one in the house who allows her to engage in such an endeavor; B. I usually forget my nails are colored—until an embarrassing situation reminds me of such.

Enter: B.

Earlier tonight, I was invited to appear on Keith Olbermann’s excellent ESPN2 program to talk Showtime. I was excited, and throughout the afternoon repeatedly reminded myself to remove Casey’s polish before heading off to the set. Of course, I forgot, and literally yelled, “Shit!” while washing my hands in the studio’s bathroom. My plan, therefore, was to not speak with my hands; to keep them under the desk and merely use my mouth to communicate. Which, if you know me, is impossible.

My hands go this way. That way. Up. Down. I forgot about the polish until the end of the program, when I shook Keith’s hand, looked down at my own and thought, once again, “Fuck.”

Having just watched the show, however, I take back the “Fuck.” More than writing or my book or being on TV, I love my daughter. She’s my absolute joy; my bundle of love and happiness. Tomorrow morning, she’ll wake up and I’ll show her the above photo.

And she’ll be elated.

PS: Here. Are. The. Keith. Clips.


4 thoughts on “Olbermann and Nail Polish”

  1. The nail polish was the best part of the interview. I enjoyed seeing the inner turmoil as you tried to figure out where to put your hands. You get complete Dad cred for wearing the polish. Reminds me of the first time I met the Vice president at my former employer. I pointed at the dry erase board for the whole meeting with my knuckles in order to hide my pink nail polish.

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