What I dig about Facebook

Earlier today I posted something on my Facebook page about making the New York Times best-sellers list. This was the response …

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.52.02 PM

I don’t love Facebook as much as I once did. It’s gotten to be somewhat dull and repetitive, and I’m truly tired of being asked to play some stupid game, or follow some group.

That being said, I dig—in a huge way—the randomness of comments. To use the above screen shot as an example …

Pete used to work with my mom. When I was a kid, he used to drive me to 10k races and talk sports. Ellis played outfield for the Montreal Expos.Karolyn and I attended high school together. I don’t think I’ve ever met Paul. Allison is my wife’s cousin, Anna was an editor of Slam when I used to write for the magazine. Kayne and I worked together at The Tennessean two decades ago. Lisa’s son and my son started together in pre-school. Stephen is the terrific Mets blogger who—a couple of years ago—endured one of my Mike Piazza rants (and fired right back). Ken is a fellow Blue Hen.

I find it all so fascinating, the way different folks from different pieces of your existence pop up on a page, offer an opinions, then drift again toward the background. It’s neat and weird and … and …

sorta cool.