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Is O.J. Simpson a worthwhile book topic?

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Over the past decade, I’ve often wrestled with the idea of an O.J. Simpson biography. To which my wife usually responds, “Ugh. Really?”

I see her point. I also see an iconic football player and celebrity who murdered his wife, then went through, perhaps, the trial of the century. O.J. Simpson offers everything an author could dream of—highs and lows, glory and horror, love and hate and suspense and murder and, ultimately, prison.

But … is he a book?

Does an O.J. Simpson biography sell 500,000 copies or 500 copies? Do people want to spend $30 to read about such a despicable man? Can one glorify a 2,000-yard rushing season and delve into the details of the Buffalo Bills’ locker room … when you know what’s coming?

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.