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My kid, the non-believer

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I’ve had multiple conversations with my 10-year-old daughter about God and religion and the like, and she always insists she’s a non-believer.

I dig it.

I want her to know what Jews have gone through, and where we’re from. Family history is important to me, and our religion (culturally, at least) is a part of that. We’re Jews who were chased out of Germany. It’s important stuff.

That being said, I feel no pressure to convince her that Great Grandma Mollie is floating on a cloud with George Washington and Walter Payton, proudly looking down. I don’t want to comfort her with, “Life goes on eternally” drivel, because—to me—it’s drivel. It’s not true. It’s false. So why lie, in the name of placating? What good is that? Who does it help?

Best of all, she’s thinking for herself. She’s developed an idea she believes in, and she’s cool talking about it. She isn’t just following along at Hebrew School; isn’t soaking in information without processing it.

Makes me proud.