A new neighbor

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We’re officially Californians today.

As I strolled through the hood, I met a man who explained to me how—under no conditions—would a decent person allow his dog to urinate on another’s property. He told me it’s awful and disrespectful and wrong. He told me it’s something idiots do, and that you’d have to be completely tone deaf to behave in such a manner.

Meanwhile, his lawn sprinklers ran for a solid 15-minutes straight.

In the midst of the worst drought in state history.

2 thoughts on “A new neighbor”

  1. I must be missing something. Dogs pooping on neighbors’ property is a definite no-no, but peeing? Especially when running the sprinklers for 15 minutes will wash it off down to the molecular level? This guy must have been on the Portland DPW when it decided to dump 38 million gallons of perfectly usable water because some teenager deposited half a liter of his own effluvia in the public reservoir. Welcome to California, indeed!

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