On Dylan Favre

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My new Bleacher Report piece came out today. It’s a profile of Dylan Favre, Brett Favre’s nephew and the backup quarterback at UT-Martin.

Here’s the link.

I’m not one to gush, but, well, I really took to this guy. I’m a fan of redemptive stories, and that’s pretty much Dylan’s life. He was the typical cocky high school quarterback who lived football-football-football, then one day woke up and realized, “Um, there are many things more important …”

Anyhow, I hope y’all read and enjoy.

The Bleacher Report experience has been a blessing for me. They’ve allowed me to dig deep into pieces—word count be damned, travel be damned. It’s all one can ask for.

2 replies on “On Dylan Favre”

Absolutely, an incredible article on Dylan Favre. I just wish you would have asked him one thing… How come his name is spelled Favre yet pronounced Farve. It has driven me insane since the 90’s.


Amazing article! I don’t always love sports journalism, but these long-form redemptive pieces are so compelling. I hope to write like you one day!


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