For Lisa

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One thing I love about this Internet thing is how you never know what you’re going to stumble upon. We tend to gravitate toward popular places—Grantland and the New York Times and Andrew Sullivan and ESPN and … whatever.

Then, you find something special.

You find this.

The blog post was written one year ago, by a woman I don’t know. This passage is as strong as anything I’ve read in quite a while: “Two years ago this very week, this very day, this very moment I was sitting with my sister and watching her struggle into the next plane of existence.  Whatever your personal beliefs of that might be, it was taking her away from me. Away from her children and husband. Away from her mother and friends. Away from everyone loved her. And away from her pain and suffering and the battle she fought bravely and gracefully to be the best example of a loving mother and woman that she could be.”

Again, don’t know her, didn’t know her sister.

But it grabbed me.