Simple pleasures

Norma, foreground, stares down a rival

Norma, foreground, stares down a rival

I drive my kids to school most mornings. Oftentimes we bring along Norma, the 6-year-old cockapoo superstar. My daughter has nicknamed her Madame Noomsie III, because she’s dog royalty. I go with the simpler, “Norms.”

Anyhow, after dumping my son and daughter, Norms and I picked up a coffee, then headed on the 10-minute ride back to the house. There was a solid amount of traffic, the windows were rolled down and I was blasting Queen’s “Under Pressure” (SUCH a great tune). When we’d pull up to traffic lights, Norma would jump up on the open window ledge and gaze out the passenger side. Repeatedly (and as often happens), the driver of the adjacent car would catch her gaze and smile or laugh or wave warmly.

It’s a beautiful thing. And it got me thinking: We so often look for the big pleasures, we too often forget the tiny ones. A hug. A laugh. A dog hanging from a car window, tongue ajar, tail wagging. I’m not sure how the good vibes off of such a sighting last, but they’re certainly impactful and, potentially, day changing.

So bring your dog on the next drive. Open the windows.

Let the magic begin.

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