Forrest Gump II: Jenny’s Darkness

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I’m watching Forrest Gump on TV. Like many, I’m a sucker for the film.

One thing has always bothered me …

Somewhat late in the movie, Jenny returns to Alabama to live with Forrest. She’s had a hard life, but now she’s with her longtime friend. Only she’s tired. Really tired. Really, really tired. She sleeps a ton. Something’s wrong, though we don’t know what.

Then, Forrest asks her to marry him. She says no, and leaves.

But first, they have sex.

We later learn two things:

A. Jenny has Forrest, Jr.

B. Jenny has HIV, then full-blown AIDS.

Oh, and she dies.

But the whole AIDS thing slips away. Forrest is never tested. Forrest, Jr. is never tested. Forrest spent a lot of time doing hard work. It’s certainly possible that, at the time he and Jenny had sex, he had, eh, a cut on his penis. Mowing the lawn. Yard work. It happens. And yeah, it’s somewhat difficult for a man to contract AIDS from a woman via sex. But far from impossible.

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Anyhow, I’m not sure the point here. But Forrest needs to be tested.

Because after that film came out, guy was gettin’ l-a-i-d.