John Booth and perspective

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A few hours ago, after posting an entry about an embarrassing moment from high school, I received a Facebook message from John Booth, a longtime classmate and all-around good guy. It was one of those holy-shit-I-didn’t-see-this-coming sort of things—and, after being embarrassed for a few seconds (I truly don’t remember the sneaker encounter), I found myself grateful. Just an amazing reminder of perception v. reality, and what’s what.

So, from John …

So I always read your posts about embarrassing moments at school or times someone gave you a hard time. And every time I read them I think of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Did you ever see it?

Janeane Garofalo hated school because people made her life miserable. She then goes to the reunion and she finds out she made another student’s life miserable at school, blah blah blah. It’s the circle of life, everybody is a douche to somebody at some point.

So you may ask why does that make me think of you? I think it was 10th grade, maybe business law. You sat in front of me. Anyway, for months I wanted these LA Gear sneakers with these crazy fluorescent colors on them. I bugged my mom for them and she finally gave in and I couldn’t wait to wear them to school the next day. The next day I proudly wore them into school and I am in business law and you turn around and say those are the most ridiculous sneakers you have ever seen in your life.

Total devastation. I wanted to crawl under the desk. The rest of the day I could not wait to get home and take off those sneakers. When I finally did get home I never wore them to school again. You see! There’s your Garofalo moment. You got to make someone else’s life miserable. It’s the circle of life Jeff!

PS – I have forgiven you for the shame and ridicule you heaped upon me that day.