Hats off

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My wife’s stepfather is named Rodney.

He’s a great guy. Smart, British, extraordinary wildlife photographer. Is fantastic with my kids.

That said, Rodney has caused me great harm. Eight or nine years ago, he told me that placing hats atop a bed is a horrible thing to do, in that it’ll bring about bad fortune. He learned this from a grandmother long ago and—dammit—passed it on to me. Whereas once I’d casually flip my hat onto the bed, now I just drop it in a corner on the floor.

The other day, I told Rodney (jokingly) that I’ve now gone crazy, having spent nearly a decade looking out for misplaced hats on random beds.

“I understand,” he replied. “But think of all the lives you’ve saved.”

PS: I just Googled it. Rodney’s not alone.

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