Jonathan Vining and Meanness

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The above Twitter exchange happened yesterday, on my birthday. And it truly confused me.

I don’t know if I look older than 43 or younger than 43. Neither answer would bother me, because—factually—it’s my age. I also happen to have two awesome kids, a breathtaking wife and a career I love. So … physical appearance? Not something I spend much time thinking about.

So why am I writing about the Tweet, fired off by a guy named Jonathan Vining? Because it was mean for the sake of being mean. No other purpose, no other reason. Just to make a stranger feel bad. And, in a way, it worked. I read it and felt bad. Again, not about my looks. But about who we are, and how we now treat one another with increased frequency.

I have no problem (obviously) using Twitter to complain, and even rip. A movie or book sucks—state your take. Skip Bayless’ words pissed you off—write about it. But why, oh why, are people so into personal jabs and digs, just because there’s a chance to take personal jabs and digs? I mean, I’m a nobody; a non-celebrity fortunate enough to live my professional dream.

I can’t even imagine how the famous among us deal with this stuff.

2 thoughts on “Jonathan Vining and Meanness”

  1. A recent episode of The Nerdist had a bunch of the guys from the show “Undateable” and they talked about this very thing. Ron Funches in particular often responds to people who send him arbitrarily mean things, and he finds that they were often mad at the world or mad about something else and just lashed out because he was a convenient target.

  2. it likely is a result of the anonymity of the web, right? If the tweet had come from a friend, you would have laughed it off and fired back something similar I assume. Coming from a stranger though, agree, the world isn’t better for that aspect of the internet.

    BTW – enjoy the ping pong table. If the kids haven’t played much be patient and soon enough they will get as good or better than you. You probably are starting to lose hand eye at your elevated age 🙂

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